The Revolution In Energy Sector

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News: “Andrea Rossi’s energy catalyzer, or ‘E-Cat’ reactor, is intended to produce large amounts of energy from a reaction between nickel and hydrogen. Rossi said the reaction produces heat to heat water, which produces steam that can be used to generate electricity.

“If the technology works, it could enable a new generation of power plants to provide safe, cheap, and virtually unlimited nuclear power, without fossil fuels or radiation concerns.” (Source: The Boston Globe)

“Cold fusion technology is in the nascent stage, and Mr. Rossi’s steam generator is the first step in a wide-open field of research and development that will generate new roles and jobs for people worldwide.

“As a thermal energy generator, the Energy Catalyzer can be used for heating work spaces or as a hot-water heater at a fraction of current costs, and its clean, a welcome development for environmental programs which have seen their budgets slashed too.

“The fuel is hydrogen, the main element in water, and the reaction occurs in a powder made of nickel, the same metal that is in a US 5 cent piece. There is no carbon dioxide emitted by this reaction and there are no radioactive materials used.” (Source:

My Comment: When humanity ceases to pursue profit as the main purpose of its existence, it will begin to explore the inventions that were unprofitable for corporations and thus not implemented. We will hear about many wonderful possibilities if the goal is not profit at any cost, but to bring public good.

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  1. Hydrogen does not exist often in nature. We need to split water to do this and maintain Chemical balance on the planet. This requires energy from an external source to the earth.

    The earth is an animal, it needs to eat. The sun is all there is unless we go eat other planets. We have been eating ourselves ‘oil’ and it’s killing us.

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