There Is Only One Solution: Complete Unification

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (French President Nicolas Sarkozy): “He [Sarkozy] said France and every other euro zone country needed to enshrine a budget-balancing ‘golden rule’ in their constitutions, to force stricter fiscal discipline as the bloc strives to reform itself or get left behind.

“‘Europe is no longer a choice. It is a necessity. But the crisis has revealed its weaknesses and its contradictions. Europe must be rethought,’ Sarkozy said.

“‘Let us not hide it, Europe may be swept away by the crisis if it doesn’t get a grip, if it doesn’t change,’ he said, warning that a collapse of the euro would make France’s debt unmanageable and wipe out people’s savings.

“Sarkozy promised that reforming Europe would mean closer inter-governmental cooperation, not handing control to a supra-national body.” (Source: Reuters)

“‘The reform of Europe is not a march towards supra-nationality.’ …’The integration of Europe will go the inter-govermental way because Europe needs to make strategic political choices.'” (Source: Reuters)

My Comment: Of course, it is necessary to pursue a greater integration, as the times demand. The world is getting closer, while countries and people are not, and the lack of balance of society in relation to nature is manifested as a crisis—the crisis of society, not financial and so on. As soon as the EU will decide to unite fully and begin this long process, we will feel how the crisis eases and see new opportunities.

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