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The Foundation Of The Third Temple

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can we say that by virtue of the common efforts we made in the Arava desert and at the Convention, we were able to find a place and lay the foundation for the Third Temple?

Answer: In Hebrew, “Temple” is “the House of Holiness,” where “House” is Malchut, and “holiness” is Bina. Malchut that is connected to Bina, having received its qualities and having its own Partzuf, is called “the House of Holiness.”

This House is built by the group, or in the language of primary sources, by the “holy society.” This is talking about a society that wants to advance and acquire the force of bestowal. It is able to build the House of Holiness.

As a whole, there is one, common soul and we are trying to assemble it from broken parts. Our inner Kelim, corresponding to Galgalta ve Eynaim divide into three components: root, soul, body. Besides, there are also external Kelim corresponding to AHP, which form the clothing and castle.

Inner Kelim are the group, our unity. After all, in spirituality there are no single individuals, but only a society. This group builds the correction of the external Kelim for itself, also called “the Temple.”

In the past we have already done this twice—on the third and then on the second stages. Now we have to gather into a group, meaning correct the inner Kelim, and then go on to correcting the external ones. The Temple cannot be erected without a builder. Stated differently, AHP cannot be corrected if there is no Galgalta ve Eynaim.

Thus, having begun to correct ourselves, of course we have laid the foundation for the construction of the Third Temple.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/15/11, “The Freedom”

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Descending For New Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: While we go through different forms all the time, how can we keep aspiring to the same unity with the group and the Creator?

Answer: A descent between two adjacent levels gives me a new force of aspiration. For example, yesterday I ate, but today I am hungry again. In the same natural way, I must aspire to unity.

While standing on my current level, I dream of the next one. It is the ideal for me. Then I grow and rise to my ideal. So how can I keep moving on now? I need a desire that corresponds to the new ascent —a desire that is twice as big as the previous one. In other words, in order to ascend one level higher, I have to lose twice as much.

It turns out that I continuously take two steps back and one large step forward. That is because it isn’t enough for me to return with a desire to the previous level; I need to feel a double descent, a double loss. I can acquire this new necessity only from the environment, and only then will I be able to rise to the next level.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/15/11, “The Freedom”

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How To Change Society’s Values

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Eyal Winter, Silverzweig Professor of Economics, Director of Center for the Study of Rationality, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem): “If with the help of the business press, society changes criteria for business success, the business culture in the country will change.

“I summon the business press to create the following alternative ratings, which will help achieve this goal: a social company rating, a social magnate rating, honest consumer treatment rating, decent work load rating, contribution to environmental control rating, and production of socially profitable goods rating for companies or social magnates.

“We should consider the income of a magnate who has made his wealth on building hospitals and safe living in the country, even if he did this for the purpose of making a profit.

“Property owners will be unable to remain indifferent to these ratings. The desire to compete, be successful, and earn social acceptance is evolutionary. It exists among people. If we are able to redirect this desire to the right direction, even the most cynical magnates will turn into social magnates, and instead of competing on our backs, they will compete for our well-being.

My Comment: Of course, honor, respect, and acceptance are the most important rewards. If we can increase their importance in society, we will be able to shift the value systems of the whole society.

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A Little Provocation

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Matteo Cazzulani, journalist): “London is often accused of connivance of the U.S., of the alleged conspiracy against the implementation of the United States of Europe. These theories are fashionable among anti-American minded people and various movements against globalization.

“What if the solution to the problem is not a closer union of the EU, but the strengthening of trans-Atlantic relations, given that the economic crisis in Europe is shared by the United States?

“Maybe in the economic jungle of the globalized world, ruled by developing Asian tigers, Brazilian cougars, and Russian bears, in short, by the so-called BRICS, it makes sense for Western countries to unite in a common movement in the interests and values ​​that underpin our civilization, such as free market and initiative, competition, democracy, human rights, separation of powers, social justice, protection of property, and private initiative?”

My Comment: No decision will survive and become successful if it is against somebody, rather than for somebody. Connection is always commendable, but it must be open for everybody to truly ensure complete unification. Only then will it lead us out of the crisis, from the path of suffering towards complete unity through conscious universal integration.

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The Evolution Of The Global World

Opinion: (John Urry, sociologist, Lancaster University): “The instability of contemporary societies is the main result of globalization. But possibly, this instability is a guarantee of the harmonious development of the world, argues sociologist John Urry.

“But administrative and political conditions most frequently prevent us from grasping the spirit of globalization. We evaluate global processes while being located at the fixed point of space, under the rule of the specific state. And usually this distorts perspective and makes it necessary to think in terms of boundaries and by territories, although this logic no longer functions in the epoch of the global world.

“Today, the concept of order on the verge of chaos is popular in natural sciences. Physicists say that many systems are in the ‘meta stable’ state, that is, they are close to the stability, but do not reach complete stability. The contemporary world order works in exactly the same manner. It is not a strict order, but infinite adjustments. The order of contemporary world is infinite relationships; the participants constantly change the environment and the rules of the game. There is no stable regularity in the world system.

“Many European countries discuss the change of state politics towards regulation. The sociologist Zigmunt Baumann compares the states of the middle ages with modern times, using the images of a forester and gardener. The forester only protects and supports natural balance, the gardener actively imposes his order. The states of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany behaved as gardeners.

“We are likely to witness the return of a state-forester since contemporary state structures cannot fulfill the chosen role and manage the movement of ideas, information, intellectual property, and the global media. The European Union is an example of the state-regulator.

“National states could not function without commonplace nationalism: the respect of the flag and anthem, the cult of the native language and boundaries. The new, global structures of authority need their kind ‘commonplace globalism’ – new ethics, the map of a united Europe, photographs of the blue Earth, pictures of the terrestrial globe. But the most important thing is the formation of new common ethics. What must be established first of all is a clear understanding of what is good and what is bad for the global world.”

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Japan’s Finances Are Getting Worse And Worse

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Bloomberg): “‘Japan’s finances are getting worse and worse every day, every second,’ Takahira Ogawa, director of sovereign ratings at Standard & Poor’s in Singapore, said in an interview. Asked if that means he’s closer to cutting Japan, he said it ‘may be right in saying that we’re closer to a downgrade. But the deterioration has been gradual so far, and it’s not like we’re going to move today.’

“S&P has had Japan on a negative outlook since April. Ogawa said the nation needs a ‘comprehensive approach’ to containing its debt burden, which the government projects will exceed 1 quadrillion yen ($13 trillion) in the year through March as the nation pays for reconstruction.

“‘The events in Europe show us that when you lose market confidence at some point, the situation deteriorates fast,’ Ogawa said. ‘Politicians need to act with the understanding that they’re running out of time’ to fix the nation’s finances. ‘If you don’t act early, it’ll become even more difficult’ to maintain market trust, he said.”

My Comment: During 2012, many countries will “catch up” to Japan and the U.S. The general crisis will force the world to reconsider their attitude towards life, that is, to balance giving and receiving, to live in order to be filled with the highest fulfillment, the revelation of the existence at the level of Adam—common bestowal and reception into the common desire. In this, humanity will reveal the next level of existence: the world of eternity and perfection.

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The Poverty Of Nations

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Business New Europe): “It can be miserable living in an economy in transition. Hyperinflation might destroy your life savings in a matter of months. Your job may be pointless and pay badly – until you lose it that is. And then you could be condemned to poverty because there’s no social safety net to speak of.

“In October, the US Census Bureau announced that one in seven Americans, or 49m people, are now living in poverty, the highest number since records began 53 years ago. Two weeks later, the UK’s Office for National Statistics announced that the number of people out of work has hit its highest level in 17 years and youth unemployment is at an historic high… And Spain capped off the round of bad news saying unemployment is currently 23% – its highest level ever and the highest in the EU. A catastrophe is unfolding among the nations of the developed world.

“The West went through most of this sort of pain centuries ago, supposedly bringing to an end the scourges of hyperinflation, chronic unemployment and poverty. But now all three of these problems have reappeared – and most of them were visible even before the 2008 financial crisis broke.

“To conclude, evidence suggests that new and old Europe are moving in opposite directions, but isn’t this all just down to the hangover after the borrowing binge that western banks went on since the start of this century?

“…the monopoly that the West has enjoyed for the last 500 years over the most important factors that lead to prosperity has been broken, and the feisty young economies of the emerging world are undermining the comfortable western way of life.”

My Comment: The evolution of civilization is an objective process, and it is impossible to ignore it. Neglecting changes in society lead to mistakes that persist, and ignoring objective laws bring the entire developed world to the collapse.

It turns out that a one-sidedly developed world cannot realize nature’s new attitude towards civilization; the fact is that it forces us to establish integral connections, the society of mutual guarantee.

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The Road Across The Field Of Wonders

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe purpose of creation is to add independence, attainment, and sensation to the desire created “from absence.” And even though it was created “from absence” and has “nothing” of its own, it will acquire qualities that will help it become like the Creator: independent, understanding, deciding, and executing its own decisions.

This is the difference between the initial desire created in Malchut of the world of Infinity and that which it becomes after making a restriction and completing the entire journey: from above down to this world and from this world back up, with all the breakings and processes of development whereby it returns to the previous state.

All these processes take place inside the creature to give it the opportunity to expand its vessel of reception. The development is necessary to understand one’s evil, egoism, and to raise one’s sensitivity to it. Evil is everything opposite to the Creator.

Special conditions are needed to acquire these qualities. The very first condition is that the creature must not feel like it acts by force, under the power of the Creator, but is free. And this is why the Creator has to conceal Himself.

We only receive the starting, zero point, and starting with it, we have to reach the goal of creation, the final point created “from absence” but expanded by virtue of the intention to bestow, added above the desire to enjoy. But how can we advance when the Creator is concealed and we do not see the goal, if we lack an example, a countdown system, a foundation, and landmarks along the way, which we could use to build and evaluate ourselves?

The Road Across The Field Of Wonders

A person who receives this desire but does not yet know how to apply and realize it is referred to as “wandering in the field.” Really, an entire field of opportunities, “blessed by the Creator,” has opened up before him. The Creator gives him all the means and opportunities to advance,  to use them correctly.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/14/2011, Writings of Rabash

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When Everything Is To Our Benefit

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur development is a result of an unwinding chain of Reshimot (the informational genes). Each Reshimo is a whole world. After all, it is what gives me my perception of the world. Everything I feel now is caused by the Reshimo that awoke in me.

Every second several dozen or more Reshimot are replaced in me, like the frames of film on the reel. Any of its scenes shows me a picture of the world through the five senses, and there is a particular speed for each sense: The frequency at which the scenes change is much higher for vision than for hearing, and the frequency for hearing greatly exceeds the frequency for smell, taste, and touch.

Thus each passing Reshimo includes a great number of personal Reshimot that illustrate the details of my perception. In the end, it is precisely the Reshimo that we feel at every given instant.

Question: Reshimot could be positive and negative. What does it depend on?

Answer: It depends on you, on whether you are ready for the Reshimo that is revealed in you now. After all, it is revealed in your desires. Is the picture that it depicts pleasant to you or to the contrary? Are you prepared? Do you accept that the Creator is “good and does good to the good and the bad”? Have you risen above yourself? Do you accept any turn as a revelation from Above that comes to benefit you?

If so, you’re okay, you’re corrected. In other words, you have risen above the ego with faith above reason and acquired the force of bestowal that exceeds the force of reception. In this case, you rejoice in everything that is revealed to you, realizing that everything is for the best.

The Reshimot switch in you by a chain to the very end of correction, and this chain does not depend on how much you have prepared yourself. It draws out in its own due course. The Reshimot originated from the breaking of  the vessels, when desires to give and desires to receive got intermixed according to their size and thickness, traits and quality and consequently created a multifaceted conglomerate.

However, as a whole, we should accept each “picture” as the next step on the path, a step that is optimal, best, and the only one possible.

Thus a question arises: How do we prepare ourselves to this approach? For this we need a restriction, a screen and the reflected Light. Then a new Reshimo falls into fertile soil, like a baby born in my desire that is already prepared in such a way that everything benefits the newborn. Ideally, precisely like a baby, a Reshimo should be revealed in a vessel that is ready for it.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/14/2011, “The Freedom”

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