Descending For New Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: While we go through different forms all the time, how can we keep aspiring to the same unity with the group and the Creator?

Answer: A descent between two adjacent levels gives me a new force of aspiration. For example, yesterday I ate, but today I am hungry again. In the same natural way, I must aspire to unity.

While standing on my current level, I dream of the next one. It is the ideal for me. Then I grow and rise to my ideal. So how can I keep moving on now? I need a desire that corresponds to the new ascent —a desire that is twice as big as the previous one. In other words, in order to ascend one level higher, I have to lose twice as much.

It turns out that I continuously take two steps back and one large step forward. That is because it isn’t enough for me to return with a desire to the previous level; I need to feel a double descent, a double loss. I can acquire this new necessity only from the environment, and only then will I be able to rise to the next level.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/15/11, “The Freedom”

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