How To Change Society’s Values

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Eyal Winter, Silverzweig Professor of Economics, Director of Center for the Study of Rationality, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem): “If with the help of the business press, society changes criteria for business success, the business culture in the country will change.

“I summon the business press to create the following alternative ratings, which will help achieve this goal: a social company rating, a social magnate rating, honest consumer treatment rating, decent work load rating, contribution to environmental control rating, and production of socially profitable goods rating for companies or social magnates.

“We should consider the income of a magnate who has made his wealth on building hospitals and safe living in the country, even if he did this for the purpose of making a profit.

“Property owners will be unable to remain indifferent to these ratings. The desire to compete, be successful, and earn social acceptance is evolutionary. It exists among people. If we are able to redirect this desire to the right direction, even the most cynical magnates will turn into social magnates, and instead of competing on our backs, they will compete for our well-being.

My Comment: Of course, honor, respect, and acceptance are the most important rewards. If we can increase their importance in society, we will be able to shift the value systems of the whole society.

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