A Little Provocation

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Matteo Cazzulani, journalist): “London is often accused of connivance of the U.S., of the alleged conspiracy against the implementation of the United States of Europe. These theories are fashionable among anti-American minded people and various movements against globalization.

“What if the solution to the problem is not a closer union of the EU, but the strengthening of trans-Atlantic relations, given that the economic crisis in Europe is shared by the United States?

“Maybe in the economic jungle of the globalized world, ruled by developing Asian tigers, Brazilian cougars, and Russian bears, in short, by the so-called BRICS, it makes sense for Western countries to unite in a common movement in the interests and values ​​that underpin our civilization, such as free market and initiative, competition, democracy, human rights, separation of powers, social justice, protection of property, and private initiative?”

My Comment: No decision will survive and become successful if it is against somebody, rather than for somebody. Connection is always commendable, but it must be open for everybody to truly ensure complete unification. Only then will it lead us out of the crisis, from the path of suffering towards complete unity through conscious universal integration.

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