The Road Across The Field Of Wonders

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe purpose of creation is to add independence, attainment, and sensation to the desire created “from absence.” And even though it was created “from absence” and has “nothing” of its own, it will acquire qualities that will help it become like the Creator: independent, understanding, deciding, and executing its own decisions.

This is the difference between the initial desire created in Malchut of the world of Infinity and that which it becomes after making a restriction and completing the entire journey: from above down to this world and from this world back up, with all the breakings and processes of development whereby it returns to the previous state.

All these processes take place inside the creature to give it the opportunity to expand its vessel of reception. The development is necessary to understand one’s evil, egoism, and to raise one’s sensitivity to it. Evil is everything opposite to the Creator.

Special conditions are needed to acquire these qualities. The very first condition is that the creature must not feel like it acts by force, under the power of the Creator, but is free. And this is why the Creator has to conceal Himself.

We only receive the starting, zero point, and starting with it, we have to reach the goal of creation, the final point created “from absence” but expanded by virtue of the intention to bestow, added above the desire to enjoy. But how can we advance when the Creator is concealed and we do not see the goal, if we lack an example, a countdown system, a foundation, and landmarks along the way, which we could use to build and evaluate ourselves?

The Road Across The Field Of Wonders

A person who receives this desire but does not yet know how to apply and realize it is referred to as “wandering in the field.” Really, an entire field of opportunities, “blessed by the Creator,” has opened up before him. The Creator gives him all the means and opportunities to advance,  to use them correctly.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/14/2011, Writings of Rabash

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