When Everything Is To Our Benefit

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur development is a result of an unwinding chain of Reshimot (the informational genes). Each Reshimo is a whole world. After all, it is what gives me my perception of the world. Everything I feel now is caused by the Reshimo that awoke in me.

Every second several dozen or more Reshimot are replaced in me, like the frames of film on the reel. Any of its scenes shows me a picture of the world through the five senses, and there is a particular speed for each sense: The frequency at which the scenes change is much higher for vision than for hearing, and the frequency for hearing greatly exceeds the frequency for smell, taste, and touch.

Thus each passing Reshimo includes a great number of personal Reshimot that illustrate the details of my perception. In the end, it is precisely the Reshimo that we feel at every given instant.

Question: Reshimot could be positive and negative. What does it depend on?

Answer: It depends on you, on whether you are ready for the Reshimo that is revealed in you now. After all, it is revealed in your desires. Is the picture that it depicts pleasant to you or to the contrary? Are you prepared? Do you accept that the Creator is “good and does good to the good and the bad”? Have you risen above yourself? Do you accept any turn as a revelation from Above that comes to benefit you?

If so, you’re okay, you’re corrected. In other words, you have risen above the ego with faith above reason and acquired the force of bestowal that exceeds the force of reception. In this case, you rejoice in everything that is revealed to you, realizing that everything is for the best.

The Reshimot switch in you by a chain to the very end of correction, and this chain does not depend on how much you have prepared yourself. It draws out in its own due course. The Reshimot originated from the breaking of  the vessels, when desires to give and desires to receive got intermixed according to their size and thickness, traits and quality and consequently created a multifaceted conglomerate.

However, as a whole, we should accept each “picture” as the next step on the path, a step that is optimal, best, and the only one possible.

Thus a question arises: How do we prepare ourselves to this approach? For this we need a restriction, a screen and the reflected Light. Then a new Reshimo falls into fertile soil, like a baby born in my desire that is already prepared in such a way that everything benefits the newborn. Ideally, precisely like a baby, a Reshimo should be revealed in a vessel that is ready for it.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/14/2011, “The Freedom”

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