Questions About Learning Hebrew And Egoism

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I’m Roman Catholic, and I’m currently teaching myself how to read in Hebrew so I can read the Torah in it’s original language. I feel that it will be very beneficial for my Kabbalah studies. My questions is: Would it hinder or slow down my studies in Kabbalah? Do I need to study Hebrew? I’m just a beginning student.

Answer: It will help you to the extent that we use the definitions in Hebrew, which is necessary. Everything else is according to your desire.

Question: What is preventing the World Kli from connecting? How will we overcome it?

Answer: It’s egoism, and even more than in the case of regular people!

Question: It seems that our only work is to reveal the evil inclination and ask for correction. How can one fight with the feeling of guilt and worthlessness, which is an obstacle in asking for correction? It starts to be unbearable to see each time the bad in oneself.

Answer: All thoughts except for a plea for correction are empty and confusing, and as they arise, one must immediately reject them.

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  1. One can reject these thoughts, but we should notice not to reject them with other thoughts. However even when we reject them with our true self it is usually for an instance only. The way I see it, this is the true meaning of praying. Can we take the prayer of Shma’ for example, which contains 6 words and see it as ladder to climb up, like with six days of creation, towards the Sabbath. Is it because of this process one can than enjoy, not one but for moments of connection to God when dwelling on the Dalet (the last letter in the Shma’. We are not to work on large scale, we are to make effort at every breath.

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