Circulation Is Our Guarantee

Dr. Michael LaitmanSome people think that if they listen to our lessons, read my blog, and exchange emails, they take part in the general advancement. Actually there is no practical participation here.

The more you spread our message in the world, the more you advance. Don’t forget that. If you don’t disseminate, you’re standing still, you’re not advancing. So calculate your actions at the end of the day: Did you do anything or not? Only the concrete actions can be measured. Don’t expect someone else to do them for you.

To be a member of Bnei Baruch means to circulate the wisdom of Kabbalah or the Arvut (mutual guarantee) message, to do actual circulation work, and to be able to bring numbers and reports that you can present. But if you simply download a lesson, it is worthless.

At the convention we achieved the point of connection. We achieved it thanks to fact that the whole world demands this of us. The question is whether we are ready to respond to its demand? Can we lead it forward and give it the method of correction and connection? We can advance only by fulfilling this mission and not in any other way.

The goal of creation calls for the whole world to advance, not only us. We are the means for the general advancement. If the means fulfills its mission, then it’s okay, and then it also advances with everyone else. If it doesn’t, another means will be found. There are no guarantees.

Look at groups that don’t disseminate, or to be more accurate, at what is left of them. How can you advance without fulfilling the advice of Kabbalists who have attained the laws of creation? It isn’t just my caprice, it is written in the sources.

So pay attention to the fact that you’re behind in your circulation compared to the advancement of the world, and that you’re still looking for different excuses. But there are no excuses here. We are talking about concrete actions that have nothing to do with a person’s present state, with his ups and downs.

So don’t wait for the initiatives of the central group. If you want to advance, this is the way.

Up until now we were given the chance to advance forward, but the future isn’t guaranteed at all. We advance only thanks to circulation. This is our guarantee. So at the end of each day, we need to clearly examine: What have I done for the world today? After all, the world needs this, and the Creator has arranged everything this way: The wisdom of Kabbalah was revealed to me only so that I will disseminate it to others, one way or another. I am the adapter, the link. Otherwise nothing will come of it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/12/2011, Writings of Rabash

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