We Demand Light!

Dr. Michael LaitmanJust now we were able to reach unity. We made a great effort and this happened. But soon we will feel how difficult it is to hold on to this state. And that’s good because it means we are already great, strong, and can handle a more difficult task where as a result of my efforts, I do not attain everything, and instead I discover that I can’t do it.

I see that I cannot unite myself, the group and the Creator above all of the events that occur in my life. I seem to be confused, disoriented, and helpless, and unable to connect everything together the way we just did. The problems seem greater than my concentration, the force of my thought and desire. I seem to forget everything that happened during the Convention and cannot focus to reunite with the friends and to unite all of us with the Creator.

The problem is that among us, we do not sufficiently demand a connection with the Creator, with our root. But the goal of creation is to attain precisely the root, meaning His level. That is why the Creator sets up these situations for us where we cannot unite without Him, so we would need Him and understand that we can’t do anything without Him.

“Without Him” means without the Light that reforms, without Him appearing and revealing Himself. That is how we reach the need to reveal Him, to demand this.

Therefore, I ask of all the friends: If you have problems reaching unity and connection with the group, being in the same desire and sensation as at the Convention, and even increasing it more and more every day, then you have to write about this, discern it, and work on it.

We do not return to the same habitual routine between one Convention to the next. There is nothing habitual and customary. These states are given to us from above so we would increase the sensations and thoughts we had at the Convention by many times and would grow by virtue of them.

Now, thanks to our confusion and disorientation, I have to understand: The Creator has to help me and appear inside of our unity. In this form we reveal the upper force and exist inside of it.

That is, we have to see that there is none else besides Him, and we are involved in active interaction with none other than the Creator. All of the occurrences on the way, this entire world, including the most serious of problems, are relationships between us (all of us together) and Him, which He continually reveals to us in this special form. He wants for us to feel how we need Him and to want for Him to appear and give us the force to unite, to become revealed and to rule as the Light of AB-SAG, which discerns, corrects, and unites desires, and then becomes revealed inside of them.

This way, step by step, we realize the goal of creation, and I very much hope that we will get there.

At the Convention we were sure that we are going to a specific, clear goal – that we are attaining unity and revelation. We revealed this initial point and now we just have to keep developing it and be sure that these phases of development are standing before us like drops of semen, which we attained.

The goal of our entire work, of our unity is to reveal the Shechina between us. That is, to aspire for all of the gaps in which we feel repulsion, confusion, and separation from one another to be filled by Light.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/11/11, Writings of Rabash

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  1. Shalom

    It takes 5000 words for a baby to listen before he starts talking. As an average. This is how baby learn to speak. first they listen to this “noise” and try to mimic and practice some noise alike: sound, articulation, intonation, rythm and all the stuff. Until they reach this threshold of 5000 words heard, they is nothing they can do. Yet they have to delve in the noise heard, make connection between sounds, practice the phrasing their own way. It takes approximately a year to do so. Then, they get the revelation and can start living in this new upper world, connect to the big ones and “move” ahead in this new world.

    Before Him we have kabbalah. We are like such babies. We do not have the language. But this time, it is not a matter of one years/5000 words. This was the challenge for the babies.

    The sages wanted students over 40 years old. 40 years of practice. That would equate what? 5000 * 40 = 200000 words? (this is an image). We are in the same position as babies. We have to deal with what we hear without getting the first taste of it. It is the same process as the baby undergoes. But it requires the capacity of will and desire of an adult. And a rav who knows what to repeat over and over again, and at what time, and how to create the need for the answer, based on what each student already “grabbed”, in his symbolic baby-like progression. And many friends. All aimed at Him. Israel, the Torah and the Creator. And all of this to handle the creation of something that does not exist!

    Then when the threshold is attained, some new world discloses, as impressive for us as may appear the new world of worldly communication to a baby.

    Until there as kabbalah students we share the same issue as new born babies!

    The descent occurred,1,2,3,4 and it was fine. Now lets collect the diamonds and climb all together. L’Chaim haverim vhaverot!

    HaKol tuv rav vhaverim

  2. Hey eli 🙂

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