The Right To Life, Not To Slavery!

Opinion: (Henri Jorda, professor, University of Reims, Champagne-Ardenne): “Paul Lafargue formulated his ideas in the following way: ‘Everyone has the right to manage time freely, not to be its slave.’

“Having forced workers to believe that life is work, capitalists steal time from them. And workers should demand not the right to work—it is a masochistic error—but the right to laziness. It is the love of work that has brought the greatest misery to those who have nothing. They became totally dependent on work, which spoils the mind and health, which kills their best abilities.

“The ultimate goal of a just society would be to distribute work and idleness, without distinction of social status. Everyone should manage his time according to his needs.

“When work becomes binding only to the extent necessary to provide the society with the necessities and not more, three working hours will be enough to meet our material needs.

“Once people get rid of the dependence on work, they will be able to spend time on self-renewal (physical, intellectual, and spiritual), and this ‘lazy’ mode will give them an opportunity to develop themselves.”

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