To Be Born In Order To Never Return To This World Again

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What can we do in order to never again return into this world?

Answer: When I strive to achieve a mutual sensation between us: unity, unification, solidarity, mutual guarantee; when everyone depends on everyone else, and everyone feels the common desire born between us because a new notion came into being, a spiritual Kli, the common desire to bestow; once I find it (it already exists), then I am born on the spiritual level.

As soon as I connect to it, I enter a new world. After all, in it, in this common desire, I reveal the Light that awakens and exists in it according to the law of equivalence of form: The Light only bestows, and this desire also exists in bestowal. The more friends connect to this desire, the more they strengthen it, and then the Light can be revealed more inside this desire.

This is why being born means to connect to our common desire that already exists. Many already feel it at this convention. And those who ask this question: “How can we be born?” must simply find this new reality, the common desire. This feeling will also remain after the convention, and will be developing in every one of us.

Friends will go home, become submerged in their problems, but the same feeling we have attained at the convention will return to them because this reality is already connected to him. And the purpose of all the confusion, descents, and everything that happens to everyone will only be to once again return him to the feeling of the common desire (heart). This way a person will develop time and time again: His ego will grow by turns, and he’ll acquire a greater connection with the common desire over it. It is similar to the way the heart beats in and out.

But right now we need the very first contact between us, and I am asking everyone to find it. We have the time for this, everything happens within a fraction of a second. Make an effort! I am very glad that we have come to this state. I feel that this place is filled with a common single desire that was created here. Connect to it; it invites everyone!
From Lesson 7, The World Arvut Convention 12/8/2011

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  1. Shalom rav vhaverim,

    I want to tell you all how consistent is the link, the bond, to you all good friends,since the beautiful days of the convention. I am sure we all hear very closely the following lessons, with all the steps and warning and the further descriptions of the next steps toward the goal. The descent will of course occur, gradually. As soon as we quit the intensity of this common place called unity. But I am sure we will all get closer from higher states and that it will require many, many efforts to have fill by the light all the remaining places to be corrected. And this can happen only in this group of friends – a word I had banned from my vocabulary a few years ago, for a lack to find adequacy – Haverim, precious men and women aiming on the path of unity. I want to work with you all at It, which is as you said in an earlier lesson: connecting together to speak about the only thing that matter which is unity, this gathering place above us. All of my loving capabilities are directed toward you all. Quietly. Forcefully. Several statements shine now, such as “only with you, only together”. May we all find a way to gather more and more in this place, and certainly because and by you rav. It is above us, only by the friends, and only during the gathering of friends. I hear with great joy that there will be another convention in the desert with all the beloved friends in a matter of two month and this is certainly a milestone on the path. So we can unite in this place above us.

    Lets pray we can all reveal the new reshimot awakened in the kli once as the light departs. Taamim, Nekudat, Otiot.

    I love you all,count me in. All Israel is responsible for one another
    HaKol tuv

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