The Food Inflation Nightmare Is About To Hit 40% Of The World’s Population

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Business Insider): “Overnight, the threat of further Chinese tightening multiplied as a result of food price inflation. A basket of 18 key vegetables saw their prices increase by 62.4%, year-over-year, in the first 10 days of November.

“But just how likely is Chinese tightening?

“Waverly Advisors feel that it is now a near certainty, based on the political realities within China. The fact that Premier Wen Jiabo chose a supermarket as the location for a press appearance to comment on anti-inflationary measures today indicated how seriously Beijing is taking the potential disruptive impact of rising cost at the cash register.

“But this isn’t just a Chinese problem. 40% of the world’s population, found in China, India, and Brazil, is seeing their food prices skyrocket as a result of price inflation.”

My Comment: This is not the treat of famine, but food riots, unrest, and violence, which will afflict more than half the population of the globe. The only salvation of the world is to introduce integral upbringing immediately and to restructure society to a society of reasonable consumption. Otherwise, humanity will have to advance by the path of suffering.

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