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The Sinking Of The Consumerist Society

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt was only about 100 to 150 years ago that the upper classes of society began to eradicate ignorance at a time when most people were illiterate. Why did they do that? The elite needed manpower, so they taught the simple folks and brought them to a level where they could use them.

At first it was enough for them to know how to read and write and then also read drawings etc. Schools emerged in the form of a general education system that included elementary schools, high schools, and institutions of higher education.

This meant that influential people were interested in creating a middle class. They believed that educated people understand the benefit of the upper class and the latter could count on them. They could give the upper class advice and carry out their orders while they managed them from above. The middle class could convey tasks to the workers and to the simple folks in a language that they could understand.

That period is coming to an end because the world no longer needs anything that is redundant. We don’t know why this is happening this way, but it stems from human nature. We once logically thought that the desire to make more money, buy more, and become more successful was limitless. But suddenly we see that the consumerist society balloon is losing air. Therefore, if people who manage the media can do anything, it is only in order to lead a new global approach.

The upper classes today not only need people whom they have taught how to read and write and learn sciences and who can help them double their assets, but this elite class and the media they own that serves their interests, need to know that it is actually the integral education of all mankind that will be beneficial for them.

If the world is actually closed, round, and integral, everyone should participate in it correctly. Modern man should know the reason for which he is living, what his nature is, what the nature of the whole world and of all of humanity in which he exists is. He also needs to know according to which laws he lives, how these laws affect him, and how he has to affect them.

Just as we invested time in teaching hundreds of thousands of farmers to read and write during the industrial and technological era, we must take care that all are fed, clothed, and provided with integral education.

These are the three essential things a person needs, including health care, of course. I would get rid of everything else since anything that doesn’t stem from the right connection that leads to harmony with nature, undoubtedly leads us to a downfall.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/2/14

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The Force Of Overcoming, Part 1

Laitman_514_02Question: Our life requires us to continually overcome our desires, fears, anger, and crises in finance, personal and family life. This struggle begins with birth.

While being born, a baby already has to overcome much pressure and stress in order to emerge, and the mother also needs to overcome the pain to deliver it.

So it continues throughout human life from early infancy. As he develops, the child is forced to overcome physical and psychological difficulties. Even to get to his feet and learn to walk, he is required to overcome a lot.

In this manner, it continues to the end of his life: kindergarten, school, education, marriage, family, children, and work. Our entire life is a continuous strip of difficulties and overcoming them, from which it is impossible to escape. Why is our life is arranged this way?

Answer: Indeed, our life is a continuous chain of overcoming, and when a person runs out of the power to overcome, he dies. All of life is a struggle. The very process of human birth is the first overcoming. The baby must breathe, expand his lungs and take in air. This is his first action in this world from which continuous breathing begins: the compression and expansion of the lungs.

These actions, pulsations, comprise our entire life: breathing, heartbeat, and metabolism. These processes occur in us unconsciously, instinctively, at the order of nature. The same thing is happening in every state on a conscious level where my desire acts. Indeed, I must survive, and my life is in this overcoming.

If I want to live, I must overcome myself in each case more and more. Our nature is complete egoism that seeks only rest, but “rest” means not just to lie, but to do only what we want.

To do what I want, I do not want to use energy, spiritual energy. Although, I spend a huge amount of calories as a child running around the room, unable to stop. For him it is rest.

We tell him, “Stop running, sit and rest!” However, he does not understand what we say because he is resting by jumping and bustling. In other words, overcoming is simply not possible to measure by an external view of a person. If a person overcomes his desire and does something against it, it is called overcoming.

Since we are created from the egoistic material, the desire to enjoy, then we are drawn to pleasures all the time. If I am enjoying, it does not matter whether I am running or lying, I am resting.

The question is what should I do to act against my desire: get out of bed, go to work, work hard, carry heavy things from one place to another, make money, bring it home and feed myself and my family?

Of course, this is not consistent with my desire, so how do I overcome myself? I do this for several reasons. Either society or parents oblige me to go to school to study, then get married, start a family, and work. My parents’ and society’s desire is stronger than mine, and that is why I comply.

Or, I suddenly find myself in an environment that affects me and changes my desire. For example, my parents sent me to a children’s sports program. Before that, I did not like sports, but, looking at my playmates, I began to envy them, got impressed. Friends pass me their desire, and instead of sitting at the computer, I begin to run and play sports with them.

It turns out that I can take desires and needs from the environment. Thus, I change my desire for a greater one acquired from the environment, from friends, and I can commit myself to such actions that I previously did not think about at all.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 5/27/14

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A Push Toward Unity

laitman_938_02Question: Our sick friend became the reason for connecting and consolidating the world group. Can we initiate and create points like these in ourselves, not derived from someone’s illness, but from our goal, from something good?

Answer: Certainly, we must gather all our problems on the way toward the goal, everything that disturbs our connection, or vice versa, everything that can be used as a push, drive, and incentive toward our unity.

However, on the other hand, the Creator gives us new conditions for every one of our steps toward the Light. So, what will be, will be. We must take all this into account.

However, for now, the Creator specifically chose a sick friend so that we would carry out a mass action of connection for him. For this, we must respect, love, appreciate, and take care of him, for he now has become a means for our advancement.

However, even without this incident, in any case, we should search for other methods of advancement. Generally, we find them in dissemination because within the group itself there is no particularly sharp push or incentive for connection and unity. However, when we are engaged in dissemination, as a general rule we begin to get all kinds of problems that help us unite together to solve them.

Question: When the activity in Sochi was arranged, we all were involved in dissemination there. Now, we aren’t doing activities like these, so, apparently as a counterweight, our friend became ill.

If we plan an activity like this again and begin to be involved with it, then all attention will be directed there. Could it be that the Creator will stimulate us to advance only in a good way then, through dissemination?

Answer: First, I don’t put any conditions on the Creator, and I don’t determine my actions according to what will be or won’t be. None of this is my problem. I am not responsible for this mechanism. It is necessary to do everything to move the system toward correction maximally and most efficiently. This is possible only through dissemination of the method of integral education and knowledge.

Give a general shout into the entire space of Russian speakers that you first are going out for one dissemination activity, then another, and so on. To the degree possible, make a general program that will be accepted in all regions because all of the groups are on different levels of development. However, you can do this and be in constant communication and connection among yourselves.

In fact, the action in Sochi united a circle that was not large. It was a good idea, but how many people were there in comparison to all of the groups? They sat in one place and cooked by themselves as in a big pot, and now it is necessary for something else to appear from all of this cooking and from the Saint Petersburg convention.

You must begin to act in wider circles and not continue with actions on ourselves. I think no one would prohibit actions like these. It is possible to try to arrange them under a pleasant slogan about the unity of all of humanity, a call for mutual understanding and the like.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/8/14, Writings of Rabash

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Short Stories: The Spiritual Father Of Humanity

Laitman_115_04The name Abraham (AB-am) means “father of the nation.” Abraham is actually the spiritual father of all of humanity since he was not only the founder of many nations but the creator of the spiritual method of the correction of the world. The main idea of his method was the indication that the Creator is the only one unique and united force of nature, which manages all of creation, that “there is none else besides Him.”

The Creator’s attributes were determined by him as the “good that does good.” According to his teachings, the role of humanity was to obtain adhesion with the Creator according to the rule of “love thy friend as thyself.”

He passed on this method to his Babylonian students who joined him and called their community “the house of Abraham” (Beit Abraham), which refers to his students and to his family. Later Abraham took his group of students out of Babylon, which means that he detached from all the other studies and obtained the Creator and established an independent method that he expressed in the Book of Creation (Sefer Yetzira), which largely complemented the work of Adam, Angel Raziel (Raziel and Malachi).

Abraham placed the foundations of the method for the right attainment of the Creator, for obtaining His level and adhering to Him. All the other Kabbalists only developed his theory by adding their practical work to it. Because the ego kept on growing in every generation, this enabled the development of Abraham’s method on the next levels according to the conditions in a certain time.

Therefore, we cannot say that we have something new today. Everything that is revealed is revealed by Kabbalists starting from Adam until our times, but the right path begins with Abraham, although there is the unique spiritual birth on every level along this path called the “sons of Abraham.”
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/15/14

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Does The World Need A New Einstein?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe cannot develop individually, either as individual countries or as unions of several countries against other unions. Before our eyes, Americans lose country after country, and Europeans descend from the pedestal of greatness, tradition, wealth, and culture.

Russia, with its many natural resources sustains itself exclusively by trading weapons and oil. China wakes up a little and falls again. Japan has been stagnating for decades after a boom that it experienced twenty years ago.

So are all the countries. Some are experiencing this today, others went through this yesterday, and others will feel it tomorrow. There is no doubt about it. Moreover, if earlier the rhythm of changes had stretched for tens and even hundreds of years, today, each step takes much less time and has a new quality.

This applies to all people, both grownups and children. Young people do not want to get married, raise a family and have children. Adults do not know how to manage because nothing is successful even if they want something. Due to inertia, everyone continues to play the same game but feel that it is just a waste of time. The bank is empty; there is no meaning in the game.

Previously, philosophers and politicians guided us, as it happened for several hundreds of years. There were many people like that. They were respected and listened to, including the media. Today, no one rises and doesn’t try to rise to this Olympus. We would like to see a clairvoyant, scholar, or ruler, like Churchill, Roosevelt, or Einstein. However, they do not exist and this is very much felt! Humanity feels like a child who was forgotten.

The previous forms of perception were based on the fact that the human being brought the world to order, established society, and supposedly ruled. However, it was not he who did it, but nature revealed evolutionary development in him. Now, nature shows the human being that he, himself, must seek a central component of development: What do we exist for? Without this component, we will not know how to arrange our lives.

We were given feelings and mind from nature so that we receive instructions from it, process them and add to them. Obviously, if we find the correct goal, we will have enough energy and knowledge to live and develop so much that we again will get fulfillment, aspiration, contentment, and the need for life. As in the past, a person lived by what was burning in him: money, power, honor, knowledge, sex, and family. So, now, this goal must pull him, replacing all the voids. Without this, we will simply be a “nursing home.”

When we realize that we live within the sphere of nature that affects us, we will see that we have become an integral society in which everyone depends on each other. It is clear to many people, but they do not know what to do with this. Whatever we touch, everything turns into evil for us.

The fact is that, in a global world, any action inconsistent with the general system—a person, humanity, nature—brings harm. Therefore, first, we need to learn how to operate, manage, or at least to exist comfortably, safely, for themselves and for others. Once we get down to it, we will feel a positive response from the very first action.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/2/14

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A Nation That Saves Brothers In Trouble

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When Israelis go abroad to various tourist destinations in nature they usually tend to stay together as a friendly group. It isn’t by chance that during the disaster in Nepal the mutual guarantee displayed by the Israeli tourists and doctors who came to the aid of the wounded surprised the local residents. What are the roots of this phenomenon?

Answer: The conventional psychological explanations are that our people have suffered a lot during the time they were in exile, where mutual guarantee was needed to survive. As a result mutual assistance and mutual care became part of our essence.

But in fact, it is a totally different matter. The root of our mutual guarantee is much deeper even back then when we only became a nation, when we came out of ancient Babylon. Abraham led us from the land of Canaan and actually united the Babylonians who followed him into one unique group called Israel (Yashar-El); Yashar, means in a straight direction and El means nature, Godliness, since it is the same numeric values (Gematria) of letters.

In fact, we discover their unity through the principle of love thy friend as thyself, which includes all of nature and discovers the upper force that manages it in perfect harmony there.

Indeed, once we were connected and soldered internally, as one man in one heart, and this is imprinted and kept in us despite the collapse, the shattering, and the mutual hatred we fell into later, which destroyed the Temple, our mutual spiritual vessel, the mutual guarantee that we felt for one another.

Despite the 2,000 years of exile these shards are still in us, echoes of an earlier unity. So let’s hope that we will be able to ignite and reunite these sparks anew, so that their power will be enough to bring us back to the brotherly love of the Israeli nation in which we are all friends and are responsible for one another.

This is actually how we, and then the whole world, will become compatible with nature. Then thanks to the equivalence of form, nature will become friendly to us. The whole idea is to attain balance and unity with it. To do that we need the spark of the past by which we need to unite and to become light unto the nations, which means to show the whole world how to attain comprehensive unity. Then man will not dominate nature but will live in harmony with it, keeping the general harmony of nature.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/21/14

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Convention In Los Angeles “Day Three” – 11.02.14

Convention in Los Angeles “Day Three,” Lesson 6

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