A Nation That Saves Brothers In Trouble

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When Israelis go abroad to various tourist destinations in nature they usually tend to stay together as a friendly group. It isn’t by chance that during the disaster in Nepal the mutual guarantee displayed by the Israeli tourists and doctors who came to the aid of the wounded surprised the local residents. What are the roots of this phenomenon?

Answer: The conventional psychological explanations are that our people have suffered a lot during the time they were in exile, where mutual guarantee was needed to survive. As a result mutual assistance and mutual care became part of our essence.

But in fact, it is a totally different matter. The root of our mutual guarantee is much deeper even back then when we only became a nation, when we came out of ancient Babylon. Abraham led us from the land of Canaan and actually united the Babylonians who followed him into one unique group called Israel (Yashar-El); Yashar, means in a straight direction and El means nature, Godliness, since it is the same numeric values (Gematria) of letters.

In fact, we discover their unity through the principle of love thy friend as thyself, which includes all of nature and discovers the upper force that manages it in perfect harmony there.

Indeed, once we were connected and soldered internally, as one man in one heart, and this is imprinted and kept in us despite the collapse, the shattering, and the mutual hatred we fell into later, which destroyed the Temple, our mutual spiritual vessel, the mutual guarantee that we felt for one another.

Despite the 2,000 years of exile these shards are still in us, echoes of an earlier unity. So let’s hope that we will be able to ignite and reunite these sparks anew, so that their power will be enough to bring us back to the brotherly love of the Israeli nation in which we are all friends and are responsible for one another.

This is actually how we, and then the whole world, will become compatible with nature. Then thanks to the equivalence of form, nature will become friendly to us. The whole idea is to attain balance and unity with it. To do that we need the spark of the past by which we need to unite and to become light unto the nations, which means to show the whole world how to attain comprehensive unity. Then man will not dominate nature but will live in harmony with it, keeping the general harmony of nature.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/21/14

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