A Spiritual Stigma That Cannot Be Erased Or Concealed

Dr. Michael LaitmanEvery Jew in the world is a versatile, complex, and complicated creation, and in order to stabilize him correctly, a unique education for all of the people is required.

After thousands of years of exile, the people of Israel have forgotten who they are. This affects everyone, beginning from the most educated to the simplest people. No one truly understands what it is to be Israel. Who is Israel? What is the origin of the people of Israel? What happened to it in the course of history, and how did it form itself? What happened in the days of the destruction of the first and second Temples when the people of Israel were on a spiritual level? What is the spiritual height that we attained, and why do we belong to spirituality?

What is the Shevirah (shattering) through which we have gone? What was the destruction of the Temples? What is the exile that didn’t happen with any nation in the world and in any place? Why are the people of Israel considered to have been in exile until today? After all, two thousand years have passed since then! Why, after all of these years, didn’t our people assimilate and disappear among the other peoples?

Why do so many problems haunt us today?  Because we wanted to get lost among the other nations, but didn’t succeed? Why does anti-Semitism continue to flourish in enlightened times? It is somehow possible to explain this phenomenon in the Middle Ages, in barbaric times. But how, with all these high-tech developments, communications, education, and culture, have these absurd stereotypes about Jewish people continued?

We must realize that the people of Israel need an Israeli-Jewish education that explains to a person who he is. We never will succeed in being freed from the stigma of the people of Israel that proves that we belong to it even if we hide at the ends of the earth. It makes no difference where Jews are. They must know what is happening with the people of Israel.

As of today, nobody knows this! Even though we learn the history and geography of the Jewish people in schools, we don’t know anything about it. This is because the whole truth is found within the wisdom of Kabbalah to which the people of Israel are linked.

The people of Israel are a spiritual people that are subordinate to the spiritual law that the wisdom of Kabbalah investigates. So, we are linked to this wisdom, and we cannot flee from it. The Jewish people gathered around Abraham in accordance with the spiritual root that obligates us to unite, and, with the help of the unification among us, we attain the higher power.

Our people were founded once for this reason. So, the law, “And you shall love your neighbor as yourself” belongs directly to the people of Israel, and we must exist according to this law. We have no possibility of continuing to exist without knowing the truth about ourselves, and for this, we must attain our spiritual source, for its entire essence is specifically in that and not in physical sources like the rest of humanity.

The people of Israel are like aliens from another world. There are even anti-Semitic hypotheses that support this because the nations of the world feel that we are different from the others, and we are truly different, and we have come “from another planet.” We have fallen from heaven. The origin of our source is “from heaven,” from the spiritual world. This source is in us and we must discover it to know why things are happening this way, what its origin is, and why it pursues us all the time. We are on the surface of the Earth with a unique mission. So, it is impossible to get along without becoming aware of the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is our constitution, the system of connections between us, the mechanism, thanks to which we exist and function. In addition, without the wisdom of Kabbalah, we cannot understand what is happening to us.

So, it is not important to us who is against and who is wholeheartedly for Israel; who is for Zionism or against it. We won’t know what to do if we don’t realize our foundation, the connection between us, the final goal, the entire process of how to reach that goal, and what we are doing in this world if we don’t understand our destiny.
From Kab TV’s “A New Life” 8/14/14

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