The Anthem Of Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the spiritual meaning of the connection between a man and a woman if it doesn’t take place at night?

Answer: The actions of unity and connection should take place at night after midnight, another part in the second half of the Sabbath, etc. These are different times that are suitable for the spiritual contact that requires the combination of several preconditions.

First there have to be two who are under a certain impression of the Upper Light, since none of them has the Light that can correct and connect them. They don’t yearn for that by themselves but ask the Light for that, the Light that connects the first nine Sefirot (the male part) with Malchut (the female part) in such a way as to create a common attribute and an action of bestowal. First the Light of correction descends to them and creates the right combination between them, and then the Light that they receive in order to bestow.

This is their spiritual action, the anthem of love! If we look at the different activities that take place inside our body, we will be able to see the exact replica of the spiritual actions. The only thing is that in our body it is all fulfilled automatically without freewill without a search or any impressions.

Three types of connection (on Sabbath, on holidays or on weekdays) are fulfilled according to the spiritual state of the general system and the levels of a person’s soul. In our world, which is parallel to spirituality, we can also observe the dependency on the type of actions and on a person’s state.

Question: Are these three types of connection called a prayer?

Answer: A prayer precedes the correction of each of these components. There is the prayer of the lower female part to the male part and through it to the Creator. There is the prayer of the male part which includes the desire of the female part, which the male part conveys to the Creator, and there is also what is received from the Creator. These are the three levels (lower, middle and upper) and the work between the levels.

This means that the upper should always have the opportunity to convey the prayer to the uppermost, to receive an answer from it, and to convey it to the lower. These parts always change places.

If I convey the Light to someone now, I am considered a male part and the receiving part is considered a female part. If the one who receives conveys the Light in his turn to someone else, he is considered the male part and the lower part is considered the female part, and so on.

There is no fixed gender in spirituality like in our world. It changes according to who you are in contact with, either with the upper or the lower. Every part that bestows is considered male.

We are Malchut, the Shechina. Our role is to gather all the parts of Malchut, to connect them into one woman, and to receive the Light from the Creator, who is considered the male part, Zeir Anpin.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/5/14

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