The Creator Equals Nature

lightA question I received: You talk about the Creator as if He is Nature, executing Its laws silently and relentlessly. Nature is Elokim, the forces or angels governing our world. However, the Creator is something much higher; He has personality and a will. He is the one with whom we are trying to gain equivalence of form. Man was created in the Creator’s image and likeness. Isn’t this so?

My Answer: I do not want to go into disputes because words will only obscure the meaning. Instead, I would like you to read what Baal HaSulam wrote in the article, “The Peace”:

It is best for us to meet halfway and accept the words of the Kabbalists, that nature (Teva) has the same numerical value (in Hebrew) as the word God (Elokim) – eighty six. Then I’ll be able to call the laws of God the commandments of nature and vice-versa, for they are one and the same, and we need discuss it no further.

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  1. The Creator is nature. Our bodies and our brains operate according to natural laws – the chemicals in our brains determine our thoughts. So much so that you can take substances – like tobacco, alcohol, xanax, anti-psychotic drugs, etc, to alter your mind state and thoughts. As I see it, kabbalah aims at making individuals and societies altruistic. Another way of altering a persons thoughts and state of mind is a group that influences the person. This I understand. But why do we need utterly incomprehensible kabbalistic texts such as TES? Wouldn’t it be enough to create a society that promotes the principles of altruism, arvut, volunteer work and “from each according to his abilities and to each according to his needs”? In another post you said that if Russia had done things according to Marx, the revolution would’ve succeeded. So why do we need the ideas of a “metaphysical” and supernatural Creator, and of a sixth sense, if the Creator is nature? If he is nature, there is nothing supernatural, and if there is nothing supernatural, there is no need for a sixth sense. I love the ideals that you promote, but all the incomprehensible TES studies, plus the whole “machsom” concept, makes me think Bnei Baruch is just a cult that uses some “special hidden wisdom” to manipulate people into believing Rav Laitman is a God-Like human while we are all just humans. I was very engaged in dissemination and study, but those doubts appeared and this is why I don’t study with the group anymore. I would like you to clarify my doubts and please, explain in simple words what does TES really talks about? What is the spiritual world, if it is nature? Is kabbalah a type of philosophy of language? Does TES talks about the relations between individuals? I cannot advance with bnei baruch unless you provide definitive, non supernatural, down to earth explanations on what does TES talks about – I don’t believe in a supernatural ligth that reforms; but if you say that kabbalistic texts describe mental states (and by mind i mean the brain, because I don’t believe in a ‘supernatural soul’) and thoughts, that kabbalah is a type of psychology, that partzufs and klis and screens are really psicological phenomenons – i might reconsider joining the group – only if a can understand what TES talks about.

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