In All Situations, Strive Only For The Light

is-correction-possible-without-a-man2Two questions I received on how to deal with emotional states:

Question: If a person is in a difficult state, should he delve deeper into it and try to realize the whole depth of the emotional pain, or is better to pay less attention to this state and to delve more into the studies and dissemination? I am trying to act according to the second approach, but isn’t this considered an escape from the pain and from learning about yourself?

My Answer: You should strive only for the Light, for a good state, thoughts, and desires. Leave the bad states behind you as quickly as possible. There is no sense in suffering and “eating yourself up.” Whoever engages in self-criticism is unhappy with himself and suffers. This is a waste of your time and it puts you in opposition to the Creator. The Creator feels everything you feel in your heart!

Question: At the Congress I felt like someone who’s falling in love and wished with all my heart for this feeling to stay with me forever. This was my first Congress and the first time I met Bnei Baruch members in person, though I studied virtually for three years before that. After such a high ascent, I expect that the descent will be very big. How can I go through it correctly?

My Answer: You should devote all your effort and free time to disseminating Kabbalah in the world. This will connect you with many people, and you will be elevated to the degree you’ll make efforts.

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