International Energy Agency Warns Of New Gigantic Economic Crisis In 2013

distrustIn the News (from IRNA): The world could face a new gigantic economic crisis in 2013 as a result of a massive global oil shortage, the Paris-based International Energy Agency (IEA) said Saturday. The IEA chief voiced alarm, pointing to a drastic drop in global oil reserves as well as oil output capacities by 2013. “We could be headed towards a new crisis whose dimension could exceed the present one,” [said] IAE director Nobuo Tanaka.

My Comment: The crisis began decades ago, roughly in the middle of the 20th century. It was discussed in the Club of Rome and then in the Club of Budapest, of which I was a member. The crisis is multidimensional; it is happening in all areas of man’s activity. I have been speaking about it from the point of view of Kabbalah for the last decade.

However, people started worrying only when the crisis became economic, when it hit our pockets. We have lost a lot of time, and we have to take action now (better late than never). Otherwise, the crisis will develop and become even worse. It will continue until suffering will make people realize that they have to become similar to Nature, to become integrally connected and attain a mutual guarantee. Or, to put it simply, the crisis will continue until people begin to love their neighbor like they love themselves. Once they do, all the crises will end.

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About The Phases Of Complete Correction


Two questions I received about the Full Correction:

Question: In one of the morning lessons you said that at the end of correction (Gmar Tikkun), the religions will remain only as traditions. Will man exist in the material form at the end of correction in order to continue to observe the traditions? Or will man become a spirit, whereupon all the physical traditions matter will disappear?

My Answer: There are several states of complete correction: particular individual, collective individual, unified collective in Tzimtzum Bet, unified collective in Tzimtzum Aleph, and absolute adhesion to the Creator. As long as there’s even one uncorrected soul, our world will continue to exist in our perception. And only when the general correction is complete, our world and all the worlds will integrate in our perception into the World of Infinity.

In reality there’s only one state – the World of Infinity, and all the worlds are just filters for the Upper Light in our flawed perception of It. In other words, the worlds are degrees of concealment of the only existing state, the World of Infinity.

Question: What does it mean that we are approaching the state of the Full Correction?

My Answer: It is the state when all the souls merge into one and the Upper Force fulfills and manifests within them. Every person will then perceive everyone else as himself, and will therefore perceive himself as eternal and perfect, like the Creator.

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Kabbalah Gives Us The Complete Template For Creating An “Incubator” For Humanity

what-do-villains-and-prophets-have-to-do-with-bnei-baruchs-virtual-groupA question I received: In your opinion, will the global world definitely come to communism, seeing as Marx is in style again, or is there a possibility it will return to earlier social orders, starting from the primordial time and on?

My Answer: The development of society has brought us to the realization that we are interconnected, and in the future it will make us realize that we have to live like one family, according to the rule, “from each according to his abilities and to each according to his needs.”

Marx recognized that this is possible only under the condition that people will see work itself as a vital need, an expression of their feeling of love, rather than a necessary means of existence (also see Baal HaSulam’s newspaper, “HaUma (The Nation”). When people’s attitudes change in this way and every individual’s egoism will be corrected, our productive forces will bloom and we will reveal all of Nature’s abundance through similarity to Its laws.

Marx explains that first a negative force destroys the former state, and then a positive force forms a better state, to the degree that the positive force becomes revealed in full. However, development under the influence of the negative force is lengthy and full of suffering. But if a person knows the path of development, he can elude the control of the negative force and take his development into his own hands. The benefit is that the time and the suffering are reduced.

In order to go through this path instead of the natural path of suffering, we need an artificial mechanism to help us develop, which can be controlled like an incubator that permits chickens to breed quickly and reliably, for example. But first we need to study Nature in order to construct this artificial mechanism according to Its principle.

Kabbalah gives us the complete template for creating such an “incubator” for all of humanity. This “incubator” is an organized, correctly structured environment or society. It’s an environment that influences every person in it, directing him toward the purpose and compelling him and all of society to change and take on the necessary form. See Baal HaSulam’s article, “The Freedom.”

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How To Tell If You Have A Point In The Heart

You Are Welcome to Help YourselfTwo questions I received on identifying one’s point in the heart:

Question: How can I tell whether I have a point in the heart?

My Answer: You’ll know that you have it if you find yourself cleaving to our materials, because they contain the fulfillment for this point (desire).

Question: If I was never particularly interested in money, power, or knowledge, but I am drawn to something else in this world, do I have a point in the heart? You said that a person first has to go through the desires for money, power, and knowledge.

My Answer: Not necessarily. It depends on the qualities of one’s soul – from what place in the common soul it descended into this world. The question is: do you want fulfillment from something that exists in this world, or from a source that’s unknown to you?

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Madonna Also Has A Mission

Kabbalah Leaves No Room for Simple FaithThree questions I received on other methods of spiritual development:

Question: The media uses Madonna’s name to sell articles about Kabbalah. Soon they’ll even begin selling articles about Madonna under the Kabbalah brand. What should we do about it?

My Answer: The Klipa (shell or peel) helps the fruit to grow, and when the fruit ripens, the Klipa is discarded and the fruit is eaten. This is the mission of Berg and Madonna: they attract people using glossy emptiness, which helps people to gradually become smarter and turn to the authentic Kabbalah.

Question: Last year I was studying the method of Yamima. I found your site recently and became very interested. Can I study both methods at the same time or must I choose only one?

My Answer: I actually met with Yamima a long time ago, but I don’t know her method. Personally, I prefer to learn a method that’s based on ancient, practical knowledge and that uses authentic sources over any method invented by man. I have checked Kabbalah’s authenticity for myself, and I haven’t found any other method to attain the goal of Creation.

The Light has the same nature as the desire It created, and only the Light can change the desire. Therefore, the only method of man’s spiritual development is to attract the Light in order to change the desire. The only way we can attract the Light is by aspiring to be similar to It.

This is possible only by connecting with a group, by receiving its desire, which is greater than your own, natural desire. There is no other way to do this, according to the structure of creation!

Question: Are there any systems outside of Kabbalah whose rituals can bring one’s consciousness closer to the spiritual level, or do you consider these pure charlatanism?

My Answer: Charlatanism.

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Kabbalah Explains The Emergence Of Matter, The Universe And Humans

rootsA question I received: How did matter emerge, and where from? If Darwin’s theory is wrong, then how do you explain the emergence of different species, especially the human?

My Answer: Matter emerged by means of an explosive penetration of a spark of the Upper Light to the level of our world. In physics this phenomenon is called the Big Bang. It occurred approximately 15 billion years ago. This spark contained all the matter and energy of our world. The Talmud Eser Sefirot, The Book of Zohar, and The Tree of Life, written hundreds of years ago, explain how all the lower degrees originate in this manner from a higher degree.

The spark of the Upper Light contains all the information about its descent from above downward, and after the “Big Bang,” it continued to develop and realize this information. This spark develops the universe and the human being, whose goal is to reach the state from which the spark emerged. Man must achieve this by developing and “ascending” along 125 spiritual degrees, from egoism to the quality of bestowal and love for one’s neighbor.

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Marriage And Kabbalah

marriageTwo questions I received on marriage:

Question: I just came back from the Congress, which was wonderful, as I had expected! One of the things I noticed was that many people, myself included, started thinking of getting married to another Kabbalah student and starting a Kabbalistic family. However, I also hear some people say that it doesn’t really matter who you marry, because it’s for the spiritual goal. But doesn’t there have to be more of a connection between the partners than just Kabbalah?

My Answer: A person who studies Kabbalah in a serious way needs a partner who will support and understand him or her. Otherwise, their life together won’t work. If you are already married, then you should do everything you can to make your partner understand you and support your studies. In return, they should receive your continuous gratitude and compliance when it comes to other problems you have in common.

Question: My husband has been studying in a group for a long time, but my point in the heart hasn’t awakened yet. From the beginning I was obliged to comply, and I live according to the rules of Bnei Baruch because I don’t have any other choice. Divorce is not an option for either of us. Kabbalah says there is no coercion in spirituality. But isn’t this situation considered coercion in regard to me?

My Answer: Each spouse has to understand that if the other has a need to attain the purpose of life, this aspiration cannot be opposed since it is the only aspiration that’s higher than our life.

However, I understand you, because if you still haven’t revealed the aspiration to reach the purpose of life, you cannot understand another person who aspires to it. In this case, you simply should agree to your husband’s studies. Besides, I think him studying Kabbalah is a much better “hobby” than some of the other interests married men often have.

If your husband would give in to you, this would be an even greater coercion. I don’t think he forces you to engage in spiritual work, and I don’t understand the statement, “I live according to the rules of Bnei Baruch because I don’t have any other choice.” What does it mean to live by the rules of Bnei Baruch? Women don’t have to come to our center. There are no studies or other responsibilities for women. You and your children can be complete strangers to us!

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What’s The Right Relationship Between Business And Government In Our Day And Age?

why-didnt-the-monkeys-come-down-from-the-treesA comment I received: We must protect the free market from governmental aggression. We need to develop business technologies that allow business owners to abolish government taxes and to adjust business relationships amongst themselves. The concept of a national government, which looms over humanity, amounts to a small group of people with a concentration of power, whereby they can raise armies, produce weapons of mass destruction and wage wars.

We must replace the concept of a national government with the concept of a free individual – a global citizen. Government should not interfere with commerce, and should not tax it or regulate business relations. Government should simply disappear, as it is unable to bring reform, which is possible through new business technologies.

My Answer: Kabbalah does not give people orders about what changes to make, but recommends that we learn from Nature, as this is the only way to avoid the mistakes we always make. Everything that happens in our world comes from Above and is performed by the Light. However, it is now happening through the path of suffering, where the Light pressures mankind to develop.

Today, mankind’s development no longer comes down to the growth egoism, but to the unification of all people into one whole. To do this, every person will have to annul his individual egoism for the sake of the common good. This is what the future society will be like, and Kabbalah teaches us how to build it.

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