Madonna Also Has A Mission

Kabbalah Leaves No Room for Simple FaithThree questions I received on other methods of spiritual development:

Question: The media uses Madonna’s name to sell articles about Kabbalah. Soon they’ll even begin selling articles about Madonna under the Kabbalah brand. What should we do about it?

My Answer: The Klipa (shell or peel) helps the fruit to grow, and when the fruit ripens, the Klipa is discarded and the fruit is eaten. This is the mission of Berg and Madonna: they attract people using glossy emptiness, which helps people to gradually become smarter and turn to the authentic Kabbalah.

Question: Last year I was studying the method of Yamima. I found your site recently and became very interested. Can I study both methods at the same time or must I choose only one?

My Answer: I actually met with Yamima a long time ago, but I don’t know her method. Personally, I prefer to learn a method that’s based on ancient, practical knowledge and that uses authentic sources over any method invented by man. I have checked Kabbalah’s authenticity for myself, and I haven’t found any other method to attain the goal of Creation.

The Light has the same nature as the desire It created, and only the Light can change the desire. Therefore, the only method of man’s spiritual development is to attract the Light in order to change the desire. The only way we can attract the Light is by aspiring to be similar to It.

This is possible only by connecting with a group, by receiving its desire, which is greater than your own, natural desire. There is no other way to do this, according to the structure of creation!

Question: Are there any systems outside of Kabbalah whose rituals can bring one’s consciousness closer to the spiritual level, or do you consider these pure charlatanism?

My Answer: Charlatanism.

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  1. Dear dr. Laitman,

    I never studied Kabbalah but when the veil of life is lifted it becomes very clear, and the True Love exposes. Just wanted to share that the world as you already know is not operating in randomness and we are indeed leading somewhere, we are on our way home.

    I hope you will take a look at the website I’ve launched and the Q principles as a centerpiece as the world now has manouvred itself in a fascinating position, what I would call the double edged illusion, the illusion of Life and the illusion of world order. But out of the old the new arises. God is Love.

    And indeed Madonna’s songs are a great support.

    Best regards, Tamara de Callatay

    I love our citylogo for the moment I AMsterdam

  2. Exactly!! this is what madonna does!! look: Rav Ashlag told Rav Brandwein that he would soon merit his own students, and that one of them would help bring this wisdom to the world, amid great protest and scorn. this is more hidden that we can see of course.
    I find kabbalah because madonna, and start to student 3 year ago, in bnei baruch. and thanks for her.
    Thanks you rav laitman, for you wisdom and truely true about everything, no lies!

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