How To Tell If You Have A Point In The Heart

You Are Welcome to Help YourselfTwo questions I received on identifying one’s point in the heart:

Question: How can I tell whether I have a point in the heart?

My Answer: You’ll know that you have it if you find yourself cleaving to our materials, because they contain the fulfillment for this point (desire).

Question: If I was never particularly interested in money, power, or knowledge, but I am drawn to something else in this world, do I have a point in the heart? You said that a person first has to go through the desires for money, power, and knowledge.

My Answer: Not necessarily. It depends on the qualities of one’s soul – from what place in the common soul it descended into this world. The question is: do you want fulfillment from something that exists in this world, or from a source that’s unknown to you?

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