Estonians Have Found A Way Around The Financial Crisis: A Virtual Happiness Bank

godIn the News (from The Baltic Course):Estonians plan to create virtual ‘happiness bank‘” In times of economic woe, Estonians are banking on ideas to lift their spirits above the gloom and doom of recession with an online “happiness bank.” In the virtual “happiness bank,” people will be able to earn virtual money on their accounts by doing good deeds for those in need. Organizers hope it will give people the idea that doing good is as valuable as earning money. “The main aim of the project is to force people to become actively involved in improving their lives instead of passively hoping that someone else will do it,” said Rainer Nolvak, one of the main organizers of the project.

My comment: This is a praiseworthy initiative. We have to try different methods to show people that fulfillment and satisfaction do not depend on the amount of money in their bank accounts, but only on the society’s attitude to them.

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Will the American Government Stop Evicting People From Their Homes?

evictIn the News: (from CNN Money):US Foreclosure Filings In February Up 30% On Year” Slightly more than 290,000 properties – one in every 440 housing units – were slapped with a foreclosure filing in February, up nearly 30% from a year earlier [and] a roughly 6% increase from January.

My Comment: This wave of eviction can spread to the whole world, until the government will realize that this poses a threat to it, in which case it might issue an order to stop the foreclosures and evictions. But what will the authorities do when the hungry population starts revolting?

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Everyday Life Provides Us With Opportunities To Ascend In Spirituality

You Don't Get Speeding Tickets In SpiritualityTwo questions I received on the role of Kabbalah in daily life:

Question: I study Kabbalah intensively and I was at the 2009 Congress. The more I begin to understand Kabbalah, the more I want to move away from the egoistic society. Isn’t that egoistic on my part?

My Answer: We need to exist in this world and to help make it better through our participation in it. You should perceive the world’s influence as help rather than an obstruction: it is “help against you.” These obstructions are actually constant additions to your desire (Aviut), and by overcoming them you will rise toward the Creator. Without them, you would be deprived of the opportunity to ascend.

Question: How can I incorporate Kabbalah into my daily life? I feel that the environment really influences me. Does the fact that I study Kabbalah mean that I have to forget my other interests?

My Answer: Without forcing yourself, put yourself under the influence of the group and the studies. Start participating in dissemination and teaching others, and then you will gradually move away from your other “interests.” Later, other obstructions will emerge, and you will have to apply the same remedy to them, until you’ll reach the state of complete unification with others and a sensation of the Upper Force within it.

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Nostradamus On Our Times And Salvation From Egoism

migrationNostradamus’s predictions (from The salvation of the world will come about because of the appearance of a new religion. This will be: “The sect of philosophers, despising death, honor, and riches.” In other words, it is speaking about a religion not just of love, but of reason too. This will be such a teaching, combining modern science and a certain understanding of God.

My Comment: There have been many wise people who had the right hunch about the only one possible way to save humanity from the evil that consumes all – Egoism.

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Newspaper Publishing Is No Longer Profitable

article-in-the-newspaper-yedioth-aharonot1In the News (from Time): Over the past few weeks, the U.S. newspaper industry has entered a new period of decline. The Rocky Mountain News closed, and The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, owned by Hearst, will almost certainly close. The most recent rumor is that Hearst will lay off half the editorial staff. 24/7 Wall St. has created a list of the 10 major daily papers that are most likely to fold or shutter their print operations and only publish online: The Philadelphia Daily News, The Minneapolis Star Tribune, The Miami Herald, The Detroit News, The Boston Globe, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Chicago Sun-Times, The New York Daily News,The Fort Worth Star-Telegram and The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

My Comment: My advice to the mass media is: start working on educating the public. This will breathe new life into you. We extend our hand to you in help – all our materials are available for you free of charge!

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What Is Success?

hopeA question I received: What is success? No longer do we have the financial underpinnings to have the next generation make more money than their parents. No longer can the future generation use the world’s resources the way we did. It is time to take stock and create new bottom lines. Is success having wealth, or is it a feeling of being wealthy?

Wealth is having a good relationship. Wealth is living in harmony with life. Wealth is feeling right about one’s life and walking in dignity. How do we educate our children and our children’s children to know that we are truly a global society and must share and care for each other, and that this is the ultimate successful life?

Universal Success is our success to live in accordance with the Laws of Nature. For humanity, this is the law of need and giving according to your ability, where the goal is freedom and the means is altruism.

My Answer: Everything that you have said is right.

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The Creator, The Creature, And The End Of The World

state1A question I received: The Creator created us and placed us in a vessel. In this physical world, He is not apparent. And when changes are made, it is His manipulation.

My Answer: That’s right.

Question cont’d: What the Bible teaches of the end of the world is that the Creator will destroy everyone in fire and brimstone.

My Answer: Correct.

Question cont’d: But that is an ultimate breach of everything He’s done so far.

My Answer: That’s also correct. The fire represents man’s revelation of his own ego and the desire to become free from it.

Question cont’d: He has designed these vessels with such egoism as to multiply, desire, take, destroy, and every other bad action.

My Answer: Yes.

Question cont’d: What if these bad things are happening as He planned?

My Answer: They are.

Question cont’d: What if He knew that, in their unquenchable lust for more, people would destroy themselves and the entire world?

My Answer: On the contrary, suffering is bound to correct us.

Question cont’d: He doesn’t have to destroy the world.

My Answer: This is why the final goal is our similarity to the Creator.

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