Everyday Life Provides Us With Opportunities To Ascend In Spirituality

You Don't Get Speeding Tickets In SpiritualityTwo questions I received on the role of Kabbalah in daily life:

Question: I study Kabbalah intensively and I was at the 2009 Congress. The more I begin to understand Kabbalah, the more I want to move away from the egoistic society. Isn’t that egoistic on my part?

My Answer: We need to exist in this world and to help make it better through our participation in it. You should perceive the world’s influence as help rather than an obstruction: it is “help against you.” These obstructions are actually constant additions to your desire (Aviut), and by overcoming them you will rise toward the Creator. Without them, you would be deprived of the opportunity to ascend.

Question: How can I incorporate Kabbalah into my daily life? I feel that the environment really influences me. Does the fact that I study Kabbalah mean that I have to forget my other interests?

My Answer: Without forcing yourself, put yourself under the influence of the group and the studies. Start participating in dissemination and teaching others, and then you will gradually move away from your other “interests.” Later, other obstructions will emerge, and you will have to apply the same remedy to them, until you’ll reach the state of complete unification with others and a sensation of the Upper Force within it.

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