The Best Way To Help The World Is To Explain The Method Of Correction To Everyone

laitman_2009-03_8183Questions I received from women:

Question: If 2009 depends on us and our correction of our egoistic nature, how can we contribute to this process most effectively?

My Answer: By explaining it to everyone else.

Question: Why does a person lose faith?

My Answer: In order to obtain knowledge.

Question: What can be done in order not to lose faith?

My Answer: Obtain knowledge.

Question: Is it true that Kabbalah does not treat energy healing seriously, or does it simply prefer not to talk about this in order to avoid confusion?

My Answer: Everything that helps is beneficial.

Question: If we don’t reach correction, we return to this world. Does the same happen to vicious and evil people?

My Answer: Yes, and we are just like them.

Question: I am from Chile and I am 11 years old. I watch the children that study with you on Fridays with admiration. I wish there could be a day devoted to us, children in my country. You teach us how to grow and have a better future. What should I do so I won’t lose this desire in my heart?

My Answer: Continue to be together with us, and the rest will come!

Question: As a woman, what should I do for men in my city and country to unite into a group?

My Answer: You should disseminate the knowledge of “how to live a better life.”

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Why Is Kabbalah The Only Remedy For Suffering?


Questions I received on suffering:

Question: If Kabbalah is the only remedy that reveals the cause of man’s suffering and provides the method of correction, then why did Kabbalists conceal it for so long?

My Answer: They waited for our egoism to mature.

Question: Is it really true that only Kabbalah can remedy us from depression?

My Answer: This is true in cases where depression is not a medical condition, but comes from a lack of meaning in life.

Question: We feel pain and suffering in order to be corrected. What about animals? Don’t they suffer too?

My Answer: Everyone suffers as a part of the common created desire. However, correction is possible only in the part of the desire called “man,” because this part has consciousness – the sense of one’s neighbor (the environment, the group, the Creator).

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The Creator Is Happy When We’re Happy

otrkrovennyi_smech_100Questions I received about man’s relationship with the Creator:

Question: If the Creator created the universe, how can man become equal to Him? Isn’t this a delusion of grandeur?

My Answer: The Creator created Evil from Goodness, and man corrects Evil to make it Goodness. He does this by means of his desire, with help from the Creator.

Question: In Kabbalah, what does it mean to worship the Creator?

My Answer: It means to respect the quality of bestowal and love for all.

Question: Do we owe anything to the Creator because of the fact that He created us?

My Answer: No.

Question: Does the Creator experience enjoyment when we are happy?

My Answer: Yes.

Question: Does trying to make someone happy out of our love for the Creator bring us closer to the goal?

My Answer: Yes, much closer!

Question: I keep reading that the Creator has no desire to “receive,” yet I always hear statements like “to please the Creator,” “to give contentment to the Creator,” “for the sake of the Creator,” “the Creator gets pleasure from seeing his creatures enjoy,” and so on. How does He get pleasure without receiving? Can you please clear this up?

My Answer: The sole quality of the Creator is bestowal. Therefore, the Creator enjoys giving. But when the creatures do not receive from Him, He suffers.

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The Whole World Can Change In An Instant

laitman_2009-03-02_wA person in this world is just protein matter, enacted by the Upper Force that can change him at any given moment. There’s no point in looking at how we appear on the outside, since the externality depends only on the Light’s influence on us. The Light that influences us completely changes this creature called man from beginning to end. Therefore, if we don’t see or understand something today, that’s fine – we will begin to see and understand it tomorrow. Everything can change in an instant.

A person is a consequence of the Creator’s actions. He has no actions or understanding of his own. As soon as a change occurs within him, he immediately changes on the outside, like a hand puppet that replicates the movements of the puppeteer’s hand inside it. Therefore, we shouldn’t try to predict how much time humanity will require to change its entire attitude to the world. This can occur very quickly, instead of happening through the path of natural development and evolution, which takes thousands or millions of years.
(From the lesson on Rabash’s article, “The Activity of the Greatest of the Nation,” on 03.17.2009)

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We Have To Reveal The Map Of Our Connections

man3We should know what kind of Reshimot are now surfacing in us, which Reshimot we now have to realize. Reshimot are present inside every person, and they are continuously revealed until a person reaches the World of Infinity. We have to know which of them should be realized now, what nature demands of us, in what way, at what rate, and in which order. In other words, we should know about the cause and effect connection by which these Reshimot emerge and are realized. Without knowing these things, we won’t be able to feel or understand what is happening.

In addition, today we have to know what constitutes the connection between people. Without this “map,” reflecting the connection between everyone, we won’t be able to act correctly. The connection is no longer the former, egoistic one, where sociologists, psychologists, politicians, and everyone else were able to categorize people according to their own calculations and play with them accordingly the way their individual egos wanted to. Nowadays, we have to learn about the inner essence of the connection and become familiar with the force that acts within the connection between people.

When a person uses his desires with an egoistic intention, this is considered a crime in Kabbalah. And if he uses them with an intention for bestowal, this is considered a commandment. The correction of one’s intention (which is always present along with every desire) transforms it from egoistic to altruistic. This is called “carrying out a commandment.” This is what each person must now do. This is the correct way to exist according to nature.

The only thing in nature that is present are the 613 desires in every person. And the moment a person begins to use them to benefit his neighbor (which constitutes the correct attitude towards all of the desires), he thereby carries out his predestination in life. Therefore, we have to understand that this is precisely how every person in society should treat others. And until a person corrects himself in this way, he is harming everyone else.

A person should envision how this “machine” or system is connected in a proper and beautiful form – a form that’s consistent with Infinity, where all the souls are united with one another into a single soul. We should urge ourselves and others to achieve this system or form. This is called “following the majority,” which is the law of Nature and of the Upper Governance.

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The Study of Kabbalah Makes It Possible to Love Everyone

questions-on-soul2A question I received: I accept the idea that giving to everyone is very good. But how can a person attain love for everyone in order to give them love? Is it enough to just pretend to love them? We play these games all the time. We always try to display ourselves in the best possible way. So what will have to change once everyone learns that our nature is global?

My Answer: We start with egoism, with making actions for our own sake, and then the study of Kabbalah corrects our intentions to bestowal and love. There is no other force of correction in our world!

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