The Whole World Can Change In An Instant

laitman_2009-03-02_wA person in this world is just protein matter, enacted by the Upper Force that can change him at any given moment. There’s no point in looking at how we appear on the outside, since the externality depends only on the Light’s influence on us. The Light that influences us completely changes this creature called man from beginning to end. Therefore, if we don’t see or understand something today, that’s fine – we will begin to see and understand it tomorrow. Everything can change in an instant.

A person is a consequence of the Creator’s actions. He has no actions or understanding of his own. As soon as a change occurs within him, he immediately changes on the outside, like a hand puppet that replicates the movements of the puppeteer’s hand inside it. Therefore, we shouldn’t try to predict how much time humanity will require to change its entire attitude to the world. This can occur very quickly, instead of happening through the path of natural development and evolution, which takes thousands or millions of years.
(From the lesson on Rabash’s article, “The Activity of the Greatest of the Nation,” on 03.17.2009)

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