Hugs Instead Of Money

In a world without money, currency will be replaced with hugs and acts of kindness


How exactly will it work? What’s your opinion?

Scientists Predict A Century Of Resource Wars

laitman_75In the News (from The Guardian): “UK’s ex-science chief predicts century of ‘resource’ wars” The Iraq war was just the first of this century’s “resource wars,” according to the UK government’s former chief scientific adviser. Sir David King predicts that with population growth, natural resources dwindling, and seas rising due to climate change, the squeeze on the planet will lead to more conflict. He also warned politicians not to allow the financial crisis to distract them from tackling climate change. King summed up by saying that fundamental changes to the global economy and society were necessary. “Is [the consumerism] model fit for purpose in the 21st century, when resource shortage is our biggest challenge?”

The London Times, 1994, by Sir James Goldsmith, a financier (from LifeWeb): What an astonishing thing it is to watch a civilization destroy itself because it is unable to reexamine the validity, under totally new circumstances, of an economic ideology.

My Comment: Our attitudes to society and life must go through a complete change. We will then discover that there’s an abundance of every resource in nature!

(The photograph is of me in Alaska)

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About Life, Death, And The Soul


Questions I received on the soul:

Question: What happens to the soul when the body dies?

My Answer: The soul is “a part of the Creator,” and the Creator is the quality of bestowal and love. So, a person acquires a soul when this quality of “love for one’s neighbor” emerges in him. However, he does not have a soul until he acquires this quality of love and bestowal, and is similar to an animal. This is why it is written in Kabbalistic texts, “All of you are like animals,” “A person is born a small animal,” and so on.

One can acquire the quality of bestowal and love only under the influence of the Upper Light, which is a force that corrects one’s egoism. This Light is called Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif ) or the Creator because It surrounds us and we are inside it. It is written, “The Creator is like water that cleanses Israel (Mikve Israel Hashem), where Israel is Yashar-El, meaning, one who aspires to the Creator, to bestowal and love.

What does this mean? A person perceives our world using his natural, egoistic qualities. When he obtains the altruistic quality of bestowal and love, he feels the Upper World inside this quality. This means that he acquires a soul.

Once he acquires this quality, it stays with him even if his egoistic quality vanishes, or in other words, even if his body (the matter we feel in our sensations) dies. And that’s because there is only one created matter – the desire, and all existence is felt within this desire. If the desire has the intention, “for one’s own sake,” then one perceives “our world” or “this world.” If the desire has the intention, “for the sake of one’s neighbor,” then one perceives the Upper World or the Creator.

The birth of our bodies, our life and death, are but the emergence and extinction of the Light inside the egoistic desire. Spiritual birth, on the other hand, is the emergence of the desire to bestow and to love outside of oneself (to act not for one’s own sake, or not in order to feel egoistically comfortable).

The desire to bestow is independent of the egoistic desire, through which we feel our bodies and this world. Therefore, when the body dies and the feeling of this world vanishes, what remains is the altruistic desire and the feeling of the Upper World.

Question: How can the soul “see,” “feel,” and “perceive” without the functioning of the brain?

My Answer: We feel everything inside the desire. The brain only helps us to distinguish what we see, or rather, what we desire.

Question: Is it really possible for the soul of a person who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, who has lost his memory and cognition, to restore all of this after death?

My Answer: Once a person develops the soul, the quality of bestowal, it never disappears.

Question: Why does it happen that infants and small children, whose souls have not yet been corrected, die so young?

My Answer: By existing for as long as they were destined to, they corrected a particular part of their spiritual development.

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In The Spiritual World, Men’s And Women’s Souls Connect Like A Husband And Wife In This World

laitman_2008-11_wife-olga_100A question I received: You wrote: “Every woman represents a desire, and every man represents the fulfillment of this desire. Hence, it’s impossible for women to be friends with anyone, and they can only love what belongs to them.” I don’t understand, why is it impossible for women to be friends with anyone? Perhaps my definition of friends is different. I understand that I don’t have many true friends and just lots of acquaintances, but I still feel I have friends. Can you explain?

My Answer: A man’s egoistic nature has to go through correction in order to transform to “love for one’s neighbor.” However, a woman’s correction doesn’t happen by participating in a group of friends or girlfriends, but by helping the men’s group do their work. How can a woman help them? By working on dissemination.

Everyone has friends, but in Kabbalah we are talking about something special: the unification of the male souls into one common soul, where each male soul and all the souls together are joined by the female souls, like Galgalta ve Eynaim and AHP. The male souls have to correct themselves by uniting, and they then transmit the correction to the female souls. However, the female souls receive the correction only to the degree they connect to the male souls.

It is written that when the Creator was revealed, 600,000 men united in a Mutual Guarantee while the women surrounded them, supporting and helping them. Another example is the family, where the husband works and earns, and a woman receives what he brings her, organizes the home, gives birth and produces the next generation, even though it receives the man’s name.

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The Goal of Education Should Be Perfection and Equivalence to Nature

prophet1A question I received: Robert Kiyosaki has already answered the question about education in the book, If You Want to Be Rich & Happy, Don’t Go to School. He writes that an unruly class society starts forming when a teacher forces the students to solve the problems individually, without giving them a chance to help the weaker students, and even with a risk of being punished for helping them. Children actually want to help each other, and they should be supported in this, but instead they’re being punished for it.

The entire history of schools shows that they raise kids to be egoists and individualists, using grades, competition for who’s better, and so on. If schools would teach kids to work in teams, if the kids had to unite to solve problems, we would raise a completely different generation of people. Therefore, all the egoistic flaws are developed in childhood, in our schools.

My Answer: I agree with you. We are trying to solve these issues through the education system that we are now creating. The main purpose of this system is to develop an environment that will give everyone a desire to cooperate.

A school is, first and foremost, a correctly organized society of children, which develops every student in a certain way. The society sets the examples, values and goals that will help every student to become a very special person. Nothing like this exists in the world yet, not even in any private school. And that’s because schools don’t set the goal of perfection and equivalence to Nature. Therefore, there is no Correcting Light (Ohr Makif) there.

The fact is, it’s the Light, not the environment, that corrects a person. The environment just helps one draw the Light. Therefore, no system or method of education will work besides the Kabbalistic one, because the latter draws the Force or Light of Correction upon a person.

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What’s The Difference Between The Souls?

New TheoriesA question I received: Our souls are in a broken state, but their structure – Malchut and the nine Sefirot, is the same for all. So what is the difference between them?

My Answer: The nine Sefirot, like parts of a person’s body, are the same for everyone. But the Malchut of a person, like a separate part of one body, differs from everyone else’s. And Malchut determines how the nine Sefirot pertaining to it are manifested, even though they are the same for everyone.

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We Are At The Critical Point Of Our Development

criticalEvolution has never ceased, and today we have reached the critical transition point where the world is shifting from egoistic to altruistic. Kabbalah explains that life on earth, on all the levels, goes through the same process of development. Thus, studies of bacteria have shown that at some point in their evolution, bacteria were forced by circumstances to shift from hostile and competitive behavior to  peaceful interaction. This resulted in the creation of new, multi-celled organisms, which later developed into complex organisms, including humans.

A similar process occurs on all other levels of nature, from inanimate to human. We too will have to transform from being rival and hostile groups, nations, religions, and civilizations, into a global family. Indeed, we are driven by inner data (Reshimot – the spiritual genes of our development) that’s the same as our biological data, revealed to us externally.

The evolutionary process is explained by Kabbalah this way: The “thickness” of egoism (Reshimot of Aviut) constantly increases, causing the process of evolution to take place. Egoism grows along these levels:

  • 0-1 inanimate
  • 2 vegetative
  • 3 animate
  • 4 human

When egoism reaches the last, human level of its development, a special quality becomes revealed in it: a connection to the Upper Source – the highest degree, the Creator, or Nature. But this final, fourth degree also develops gradually, going through its own, inner stages (also the stages 0-1-2-3-4).  At egoism’s final, fourth stage, man finally reveals its global nature. Hence, on this level of man’s development, he has to begin connecting to his Source – the Creator. Humanity has to become one, like the Creator.

On the surface, a person appears as nothing more than a biological system. But when this system reaches a certain degree of its development – the fourth stage of egoism, it prompts a “system crash” – an upgrade in the system’s organization and operation, taking it to the next, global level. This is what we are witnessing today in our society.

In other words, the next level of our development, the “spiritual” level which demands our equality with the Creator, is beginning to be revealed in us. For now, we are only starting to define it, to see that it is global and integral. However, to the extent we become more acquainted with this new form of egoism in us, we will begin to feel the need for its fulfillment – the Creator.

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