Scientists Predict A Century Of Resource Wars

laitman_75In the News (from The Guardian): “UK’s ex-science chief predicts century of ‘resource’ wars” The Iraq war was just the first of this century’s “resource wars,” according to the UK government’s former chief scientific adviser. Sir David King predicts that with population growth, natural resources dwindling, and seas rising due to climate change, the squeeze on the planet will lead to more conflict. He also warned politicians not to allow the financial crisis to distract them from tackling climate change. King summed up by saying that fundamental changes to the global economy and society were necessary. “Is [the consumerism] model fit for purpose in the 21st century, when resource shortage is our biggest challenge?”

The London Times, 1994, by Sir James Goldsmith, a financier (from LifeWeb): What an astonishing thing it is to watch a civilization destroy itself because it is unable to reexamine the validity, under totally new circumstances, of an economic ideology.

My Comment: Our attitudes to society and life must go through a complete change. We will then discover that there’s an abundance of every resource in nature!

(The photograph is of me in Alaska)

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