The Creator Is Attained Through Unity With Others

congress_2009_6001Two questions I received on group unity:

Question: For the first time, completely unexpected, there was a broadcast of the Congress in German. I felt an enormous force of love and unity with everyone who studies Kabbalah, but when I wanted to ask a question, I realized I was facing a lifeless screen that said, “You are watching a live broadcast.” So, my question is: Is it possible to advance spiritually by uniting with the group?

My Answer: Yes, and in fact, this is the only way to advance – by uniting. Then, through the unification, you will attain the Creator.

Question: I have been studying Kabbalah for about two years. I help out with dissemination at the center a few times a week, I study at the campus and visit the forum of the virtual group. And although I have a good connection with all of these people, I feel that it is superficial. I am unable to really unite with the people who are on the same path as me. Maybe I am doing something wrong? Or perhaps the need for this kind of a connection exists only in the material world?

My Answer: If others are studying the same way as you are, that means it’s up to you to unite with them and to receive help, regardless of the group’s size or level.

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The Daily Lessons Are Shifting To Daylight Savings Time

On March 27th – tonight – at 2am Israel time
Israel will be shifting to Daylight Savings Time
And the clocks will be turned back one hour

So, On March 27th (tonight), the morning lesson
will begin one hour earlier

Please inform your friends of this change

Barack Obama, “We Are In This Together”

laitman_2009-03_7930In the News (from BBC NEWS):Obama calls for G20 joint action” US President Barack Obama has said that countries must take concerted action to spur global economic growth. “We are in this together,” he said.

My Comment: This implies that the crisis unites everyone, and therefore everyone must accept it and apply the same anti-crisis program. That’s a new interpretation of a “concerted action”!

In the News (from The Herald Tribune):Unemployment in U.S. hits 25-year high” The contraction under way reflects a fundamental restructuring of the U.S. economy. In crucial industries – particularly manufacturing, financial services and retail – many companies have opted to abandon whole areas of business.

My Comment: The world is being reformed into a global world whether we want it or not. The real question is whether we’ll find our place in this new world.

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The Best Way To Improve Our Relationships Is To Disseminate The Wisdom Of Kabbalah

blamingThree questions I received from women on relationships with men:

Question: I cannot accept your assertion that “a man assesses a woman based on love – not for her, but for his hormones.” Could you elaborate on this?

My Answer: Ask physiologists, doctors, biologists, geneticists, and just sensible people.

Question: Why do men think there is some perfect, ideal woman waiting for them around the corner that will somehow be different and better than all other women? Why would a man expect a woman to fulfill needs that are basically impossible and almost supernatural? Why does it seem like the more a woman tries to give a man what he wants, the more he expects from her?

My Answer: Because they are egoists!

Question: What limits are there in a woman’s relationship toward her husband? How should she behave towards him when he has such high expectations of her but doesn’t listen to her and ignores her basic needs, putting himself before her and the children? What should a woman do when her man behaves this way? And when should she give up on him? This is particularly about men within the group.

My Answer: The reason for all these feelings is a woman’s dependence on a man. Everything will change only together with the general correction, as a consequence of it. Therefore, participate in the dissemination of Kabbalah instead of blaming men and the Creator.

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The Kabbalah Channel YES-66 In Wikipedia

Here’s a page about our TV Channel, YES-66 in Wikipedia:


24 hours a day, 7 days a week
free of charge,
watch a variety of
programs about Kabbalah
for the whole family

Just watching or listening to these shows draws the influence of positive forces upon a person:

“While one has not attained perfection, the Light that is destined to fill his soul is considered Surrounding Light. And when a person engages in the wisdom of Kabbalah, this Light immediately shines upon him, and the illumination one receives draws the person closer to goodness.”

(Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to Talmud Eser Sefirot, item 155“).

How Can We Make Up For The Upbringing We Didn’t Receive?

flyA question I received: I watched your discussion with Anatoly Ulyanov about raising children. The upbringing I received lacked everything you said should have been done, from Kabbalah’s viewpoint. So I did not receive the necessary education. And it so happens that I have an unconventional sexual orientation, which worries me. How can I make up for what I didn’t receive through my upbringing?

My Answer: Only the Upper Light, which descends upon a person during the study of Kabbalah, can correct him to the degree he desires to understand himself and reveal the hidden world that surrounds him. He will then feel the whole scope of the world through his new qualities, and this will correct him. Besides this influence, there is no other means of correction in our world. See item 155 of the “Introduction to Talmud Eser Sefirot.”

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Resorting Back To Village Life Will Not Save Anyone From The Crisis

profitIn the News (translated from A group of about a hundred people have organized a community to overcome the crisis. “We are completely self-sufficient!” the members of the community are proud to say, “We raise our own livestock, bake our own bread, produce our own food, and even our own cookies! We don’t care about the crisis!” The members of the community do not need money. They have their own school and kindergarten. They are completely self-sufficient!

My Comment: They are so infantile! Even though it seems obvious to everyone that it’s easier to survive the crisis by being closer to Nature, this tendency actually goes against Nature, which has brought us to globalization. We do not see Nature’s force that develops us, so we relate to it as to the still, vegetative and animate levels of the environment, while denying that it is purposeful and is leading us toward a certain goal.

The tendency to be protectionist and to isolate from society is anti-social and anti-global, and it weakens society’s connections, whether it is happening inside a specific country or in the world. Because this is opposite to the law of Nature’s development, it will not succeed!

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Can Women Study In A Group?

thisA question I received: In one of your latest entries, someone asked you: How important is it for a woman to study in a group? And you answered:There is no such thing as a women’s group. A woman and a group are incompatible.” Are you saying that because I’m a woman, I cannot study together with other people in a group? My boyfriend and I want to join a “real life” (not virtual) group and study with them. So how am I supposed to study? By myself? At home?  Please explain.

My Answer: Women are not organized into groups of friends because the work of uniting is intended for the men only, in accordance with their nature. This is not suitable for a woman’s nature. However, during the actual study of Kabbalah, women can participate together with men or study in groups of women.

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