The Best Way To Improve Our Relationships Is To Disseminate The Wisdom Of Kabbalah

blamingThree questions I received from women on relationships with men:

Question: I cannot accept your assertion that “a man assesses a woman based on love – not for her, but for his hormones.” Could you elaborate on this?

My Answer: Ask physiologists, doctors, biologists, geneticists, and just sensible people.

Question: Why do men think there is some perfect, ideal woman waiting for them around the corner that will somehow be different and better than all other women? Why would a man expect a woman to fulfill needs that are basically impossible and almost supernatural? Why does it seem like the more a woman tries to give a man what he wants, the more he expects from her?

My Answer: Because they are egoists!

Question: What limits are there in a woman’s relationship toward her husband? How should she behave towards him when he has such high expectations of her but doesn’t listen to her and ignores her basic needs, putting himself before her and the children? What should a woman do when her man behaves this way? And when should she give up on him? This is particularly about men within the group.

My Answer: The reason for all these feelings is a woman’s dependence on a man. Everything will change only together with the general correction, as a consequence of it. Therefore, participate in the dissemination of Kabbalah instead of blaming men and the Creator.

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