The Failure Of Obama’s Stimulus Plan Is Another Reminder That We Are All In One Boat

is-the-bermuda-triangle-myth-or-realityIn the News (from The Guardian):How to fail to recover the economy” Short-sighted responses by politicians – who hope to get by with a deal that is small enough to please taxpayers and large enough to please the banks – will only prolong the problem. The well of money may be running dry, and so, too, may be America’s legendary optimism and hope.

My Comment: Obama’s stimulus plan isn’t working, and it cannot work according to the laws of Nature! This was already clear the day it was approved. None of the politicians or economists understand what kind of world we are now living in.

But instead of blaming them, we should blame ourselves for our inability to make them hear our voices. I invite everyone to tirelessly keep knocking on their doors and writing to them about the cause of the crisis and its solution, because the fact is – we are all in one boat!

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When To Use The Professional Part Of Your Brain, And When – The Spiritual One

First Become a Scientist, and Then You Can Speak Against ScienceTwo questions I received on combining professional work with Kabbalah:

Question: I grew up in an intellectual environment that considers having a university education a top priority, yet now I cannot think about anything except my daily Kabbalah studies. What should I do? Previously I was very interested in getting a higher education, but when I found Kabbalah, I lost all interest in my prior plans. I would like to know what is the right thing to do in this case.

My Answer: Every person has to learn a practical trade! And after that, one should devote the rest of one’s time and efforts to spiritual development.

Question: I am finding it more and more difficult to concentrate on my professional work. I have a wife and a child, and I understand that I also exist in this world and must provide for my family, but my desire for these things is gone. What is your advice?

My Answer: Divide your day into two parts and focus on each part using the appropriate part of the brain: put the professional part of your brain to work when it comes to earning money, and then put the spiritual part of your brain to work when you study Kabbalah or work on dissemination.

It is like there are two different people living inside you at different times, and you shouldn’t combine the two. Later, they will start working together at the same time, and you will discover that the whole world and everything taking place is one integral revelation of the Upper Force!

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Calling A Tent Home In America

In the News (from ABC News):Struggling Americans call tent cities home” Tent cities are springing up in California as thousands of people hit hard by foreclosures and big job losses say they have nowhere else to go.


A map of the recession in the United States:


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Spirituality Is About Seeking A Better Future

does-charity-really-help-anyoneThree questions I received on spiritual progress:

Question: How do I find a Teacher and become part of a group? I have been taking the online course, but I really feel that I need a Teacher. I know I need help on this spiritual course.

My Answer: The most important thing is to participate in everything together with all the students. You should humble yourself, as if you are in a group of children, and be like everyone else. When you begin to understand the others, their knowledge will flow into you. It is only by uniting with them that you will be able to understand how the Creator becomes revealed, because He is revealed inside the unification of people’s desires.

Question: How can I become a part of a group to study Kabbalah, such as Bnei Baruch?

My Answer: Our website contains all the information about us, our groups, and so on. Welcome!

Question: When I had just discovered Kabbalah, I felt like I was feeling spirituality. It was a feeling of overwhelming happiness unlike any I had ever experienced. This feeling prompted my continuing study of Kabbalah, and in my mind I constantly return to that feeling. I know that it is forbidden to turn back, but what can I do if I always think about spirituality and about that “unearthly” state that I felt?

My Answer: Seek a better future, without turning back to your past.

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“Ask The Kabbalist” On 03.05.09

The weekly TV show, “Ask the Kabbalist,” is simultaneously translated from Hebrew into English, Spanish, and Russian, and can be viewed on every Thursday at 9:00pm Israel time. I invite everyone to submit questions by calling 1-700-509-209 (the number in Israel) or by submitting questions on the following website:


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Will Europe Make It Through The Crisis?

europe5In the News (from The New York Times):Growing Economic Crisis Threatens the Idea of One Europe” The European Union is struggling with the strains this crisis has inevitably produced among 27 countries with uneven levels of development. The traditional concept of “solidarity” is being undermined. An urgent call from Hungary for a large bailout for newer, Eastern members was bluntly rejected by Europe’s strongest economy, Germany, and received little support from other countries.

My Comment: This will only accelerate the crisis and help people to overcome it faster, because the egoism of the Old Europe towards the New Europe will be revealed faster.

In the News (from BBC News):UK interest rates lowered to 0.5%” The Bank of England said it would expand the amount of money in the system up to £150bn. The bank will buy assets – such as government securities (gilts) and corporate bonds… Ian McCafferty, CBI chief economist, said the continuing rate cuts were “becoming less and less effective as a means of stimulating the economy.”

My Comment: Now there’s more “paper,” but less bread. I recently heard a very respected person say, “the Armageddon is coming.” This bitter joke reflects people’s feelings of being helpless when looking to the future, and that’s because they lack information about the one and only solution to the crisis, which is actually very simple!

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If Evil Cannot Be Corrected, It Must Be Destroyed

why-is-the-financial-crisis-bringing-more-people-to-religionA question I received: Why did you support the “right side” in the Israeli-Gaza war by saying, “If someone comes to kill you, forestall him and kill him first”?

My Answer: This is written in the Bible. Clearly, if evil in our world cannot be corrected, then its source – the person committing evil – should be destroyed, and this will be his correction. A person must protect his life, even if he has to kill someone who wishes to kill him. But at the same time, if a person is faced with the choice, “Kill someone else or we will kill you,” then he must sacrifice his life, as otherwise he will be a murderer.

I am not supporting or condemning anyone, and if I seem biased at times, ask me about it and I will try to explain my opinion and behavior.

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Three Simple Maneuvers To Cure The Health Care System

you-cant-teach-anyone-through-force1Here is one more letter regarding the health care industry sent to me by Dr. A. Angelov from Boston, a physician and member of Bnei Barch:

The force that drives and develops our civilization is the egoistic desire to be fulfilled, where money is one form of fulfillment. One’s monetary profit in the medical care industry depends on the number of patients, procedures, hospitals being filled, and so on. However, if we instead encourage and pay for health, rather than paying for illnesses, doctors will then have the incentive to prevent ailments from occurring in the first place. Then people’s health will improve and the expenses of health care will decrease. Illness prevention should not be an early detection of the illness, but the maintenance of good health, healthy nutrition and physical activity.

Because of the financial crisis that is happening, an overwhelming majority of patients today are constantly depressed and anxious. The doctrine that tells us, “Money is the foundation for happiness,” has proved a failure. The people who used to make the most money are now suffering more than others, since they are losing millions. It is time to reassess our values.

We need to take money out of the doctor-patient relationship. A doctor should receive administrative, not monetary, punishment for mistakes he makes, and a patient should not be able to demand monetary compensation through the courts. Instead, the only kind of compensation he should receive is treatment.

By executing three simple maneuvers, we can quickly bring the health care system out of the crisis:

1. Paying for health instead of illness,

2. Instituting administrative punishment for doctors instead of monetary punishment,

3. And most importantly, redirecting the mass media so as to showcase the value of a healthy way of life.

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To Pray Means To Reveal The Quality Of Love And Bestowal Inside You

trueA question I received: In the article, “What Is Half a Shekel In the Work,” Rabash states, “If a person prays, even without understanding the meaning of the words, simply pronouncing what is written in the prayer book established by the Sages, saying these words while drawing nearer to the Creator, it is irrelevant if he knows what he is saying or not…”

Also, Baal HaSulam says in Item 155 of the “Introduction to Talmud Eser Sefirot,” “…even if a person does not understand what he learns, his yearning to understand draws upon him the Light of Correction.”

It follows that praying using the Prayer Book has great spiritual value, and what some say, that it is just words and tradition, is not really the case. What is your opinion about this?

My Answer: By “some,” you mean me. Yes, I do say so. Here’s why: The result of the reading depends on the reader, not on the text or its author.

Baal HaSulam says in Item 147 of the “Introduction to Talmud Eser Sefirot,” “There is no difference between the Torah of the world of Atzilut and the Torah of this world, meaning, between the wisdom of Kabbalah and the revealed Torah. Instead, the only difference is in the person who engages in the study of the Torah. Two may study the Torah, the same text and the same words, but one will perceive it as the wisdom of Kabbalah and the Torah of Atzilut, while for the other it will be the revealed Torah [of Assiya].”

Of course, the Prayer Book was compiled by the Members of the Great Assembly – the Great Kabbalists who lived 2000 years ago. If you read it in order to connect with the Creator, then you will draw the Light from the Source, of which the Prayer Book speaks. The same occurs when you study the Talmud Eser Sefirot. However, if one does not think about this because one does not have a desire to reveal the Creator, then regardless of what one reads – whether the Talmud Eser Sefirot or the Prayer Book, will give him any result.

If you want to understand what the Prayer Book is talking about, then you should use the Prayer Book of Rashash. There you will find the meaning of the prayers presented in the Kabbalistic symbols – as adherence of the corrected desire (soul) to the Creator through the system of the spiritual worlds. The same thing is discussed in Tamud Eser Sefirot and, generally, in all the Holy Books. They all speak about one’s connection with the Creator, His revelation to a person.

To pray means to reveal the Creator, the quality of bestowal and love inside you. All other prayers are egoistic and therefore, do not attract the Upper Light. They only have a psychological effect on the person who prays.

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