Three Simple Maneuvers To Cure The Health Care System

you-cant-teach-anyone-through-force1Here is one more letter regarding the health care industry sent to me by Dr. A. Angelov from Boston, a physician and member of Bnei Barch:

The force that drives and develops our civilization is the egoistic desire to be fulfilled, where money is one form of fulfillment. One’s monetary profit in the medical care industry depends on the number of patients, procedures, hospitals being filled, and so on. However, if we instead encourage and pay for health, rather than paying for illnesses, doctors will then have the incentive to prevent ailments from occurring in the first place. Then people’s health will improve and the expenses of health care will decrease. Illness prevention should not be an early detection of the illness, but the maintenance of good health, healthy nutrition and physical activity.

Because of the financial crisis that is happening, an overwhelming majority of patients today are constantly depressed and anxious. The doctrine that tells us, “Money is the foundation for happiness,” has proved a failure. The people who used to make the most money are now suffering more than others, since they are losing millions. It is time to reassess our values.

We need to take money out of the doctor-patient relationship. A doctor should receive administrative, not monetary, punishment for mistakes he makes, and a patient should not be able to demand monetary compensation through the courts. Instead, the only kind of compensation he should receive is treatment.

By executing three simple maneuvers, we can quickly bring the health care system out of the crisis:

1. Paying for health instead of illness,

2. Instituting administrative punishment for doctors instead of monetary punishment,

3. And most importantly, redirecting the mass media so as to showcase the value of a healthy way of life.

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