Where Did Obama’s Billions Go?

worse1Two questions I received on the laws of Nature and the laws of society:

Question: You say that people should follow the laws of Nature. But if people had always followed the laws of Nature, they’d still be acting like they did in the jungle where lions eat antelopes, and we would never have developed our civilization.

My Answer: We have always developed according to the laws of Nature. However, now we see that if I’ll try to eat you today, then you will eat me tomorrow. This is why we have come to an agreement that we won’t eat one another. This is also a law of Nature.

Question cont’d: In any event, people have agreed to create social laws, norms, a value system, and systems of support. This is why the government was created – to protect its citizens through the social laws. How can we just throw all of this out the window now and go in another direction?

My Answer: We can do it because from this moment on, our world will change. Previously, because of our egoism, we developed in such a way that every person could do anything he was able to. We established laws to try and prevent harming one another with our egoism, because otherwise we’d all eat one another.

But now we have reached a state where our egoism has become global and interconnected, and everyone depends on one another. Now there is another, additional law in operation within our society, a law where everyone depends on one another and there is no way to escape it. Now people have to establish a new system of laws.

You will see that the old laws don’t work anywhere. They do not work in education, science, family life or social relations just as they don’t work in economy and trade. They just don’t work! We can say they work, but we feel they don’t. Only bad things have come out of all the good things we have tried to do.  According to all the research, nothing good has come out of our efforts. And that’s because the laws have changed.

In the past we were able to accomplish something in the world using these laws, such as to create some kind of order and to have control. But today everyone is looking around in disarray, asking, “Where is the control? And what kind of control can there even be?”

Today there is no force or reason that could produce a good effect. And this is exactly what we see. Obama used up thousands of billions of dollars to stimulate the economy. Where are those billions now? Nobody can say where they went. Putin also invested a lot of money in banks and trade. Where did it go? Nobody knows. But it’s money, promissory notes after all! So where did it go?

There’s something happening in the world and we don’t even know where anything goes. We don’t know what connection there is between us today; we don’t realize what it is. In the past, every person lived inside his or her own egoism, and people gathered into groups of “mafias.” The bank was one kind of mafia, trade – another kind of mafia, something else – one more mafia. We connected to each other according to our egoism and we knew how everything works. This is why every side had an attorney and we made deals with each other. This is how we worked. People defended themselves, and everyone understood that if someone broke an agreement, there is an army, the police, and so on.

Today, however, this doesn’t work anymore. And we still don’t understand just how much our laws and habits don’t work. We can’t comprehend this yet. The world is changing because the law that’s now operating is the law of public property rather than private property. You must now be connected with everyone into one whole. These are the changes we have to make!
(Excerpt from the lesson on Baal HaSulam’s article “The Freedom,” 03.13.2009)

All Of Evolution Is Aimed At Making Us Attain The Upper Level Of Consciousness

matterWe simply fulfill Nature’s orders, and Nature’s goal is to bring us to the Upper Level of development. Nature works according to a program that’s meant to bring its highest level, the human, to the highest level of development.

The human, who is a piece of protein matter, is the final level of the still, vegetative and animate levels of development. This means that this “animal” must attain the understanding and feeling of who he is, what he is, why he exists and where he came from. All our evolution is aimed at this.

This is why, throughout all human history, starting with the Big Bang and until the end of this world, we unconsciously aspire to attain the true perception of reality, the true understanding and knowledge in order to grasp all of Nature and Its program.

In every moment in our lives, all our development is devoted to this goal. I may be eating, drinking, working, communicating with somebody, or doing something – whatever I do, consciously or unconsciously, all the processes in my body, its entire material, all its electrons, molecules, particles, and organs, all of its levels – still, vegetative and animate – everything is aimed, lives and exists only for this one goal: to attain that Upper Level of consciousness. Therefore, all of evolution and the entire path of our natural development are set in order to make man attain the highest level of Nature’s development.

Attainment means that a person realizes everything in Nature, adheres to Its program and begins to execute it himself, recognizing that his destiny is to become the same as the Force that fulfills, absorbs and incorporates all of Nature.

This is why the crisis we are now experiencing is global. It comes to us from that Upper State which we need to reach, and which is revealing the opposite side of that state to us. The crisis lets us see the shattering of the correct, future state, showing us what great perfection we can reach if we correct this global crisis.
(From the lesson on Baal HaSulam’s article, “One Precept,” on 03.10.2009)

How To Bring The Economy Back To Life

building-the-third-temple1Two questions I received on implementing the new global system:

Question: Gordon Brown said, “This is a new, global, 21st century, and we have reached a new level,” which is the same thing you say during the morning lessons. What can we add to this?

My Answer: The world is returning to its former state, but there is something we should add to all the former activities – the study about how the global system is arranged, so we will understand what it demands of us.

Everyone in the world is beginning to study. And anyone who doesn’t want to will feel the negative consequences of this. Imagine what will happen if everyone begins to study: how differently they will begin to think about each other and treat each other. I feel sorry for those who don’t want to do this.

We are not telling people to do anything other than study the new system – the system of the 21st century. And that’s wonderful, because nothing else is required from them but just to sit down and learn a little bit about the new life, the new world.

Then people would be able to receive their jobs back because these jobs will suddenly begin to work. All the banks, funds, enterprises, and industries will begin to function correctly. Therefore, there is no need to break or destroy anything. You just have to add this aspect to everything. In the meantime, we should keep all the current jobs and help each other stay put until we begin to study, that’s all.

As soon as people will begin studying about this, then in just two, three, four, or five days, I promise that you will see changes starting to happen very quickly. It’ll happen over a couple of days.

Question: Can you explain in a simpler way why these changes will occur?

My Answer: The changes will take place because you will give humanity what it lacks.
(From the lesson on Baal HaSulam’s article, “One Precept,” on 03.05.2009)

An Explanation Of Some Kabbalistic Concepts (Advanced)

russia4Questions I received on various Kabbalistic concepts and definitions:

Question: Is the screen a tool that returns us to the state we were in before the knowledge of good and evil?

My Answer: It is the tool of recognition, attainment and ascent above the knowledge of good and evil, leading to equivalence of form with the Creator.

Question: What is the spiritual meaning of the Sabbath?

My Answer: It’s a symbol of the Full Correction.

Question: I was reading The Book of Zohar and in the section, The List of Abbreviations and Explanations, it states: “AA – Arich Anpin – the Partzuf of Hochma, the central, initial Partzuf in the World of Atzilut, from which all the other Partzufim originate.” Is this correct? As far as my very limited knowledge goes, Keter is central and the other Partzufim originate from it.

My Answer: Arich Anpin is Keter of the World of Atzilut, because Atik is concealed from the lower Partzufim.

Question: Could you please explain what is the “mouth to mouth” teaching technique? Is this form of study used today?

My Answer: This type of study happens through the common screen of a teacher and his student. The screen is located in the mouth (Peh) of the souls (Partzuf).

Question: What is the difference between desire and effort?

My Answer: Effort can be exerted only to the extent of the desire.

Question: If there is no desire, how does one create a demand for the effort?

My Answer: Under the influence of the environment.

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All Kabbalistic Texts Speak About Our Desires And The Attainment Of The Creator

reading-bookQuestions I received on the spiritual meanings of Kabbalistic writings:

Question: Is there a translation of the 613 desires (commandments) of the Torah to the language of the ten Sefirot?

My Answer: As one example, see Baal HaSulam’s article, “Pkudin ve Eitin” at the end of the “Preface to the Book of Zohar” (not to be confused with the “Introduction to the Book of Zohar”).

Question: The following is a quote from a poem by Baal HaSulam: “And then that special Tower of Oz will appear before you.” What does the Tower of Oz refer to?

My Answer: Oz is a force, referring to the complete revelation of the Creator.

Question: One of Baal HaSulam’s texts reads: “The Method of Influence Through the Names.” Could you explain what this means?

My Answer: Names refer to partial attainments of the Creator, which then combine together to form His one four-letter name, HaVaYaH.

Question: The Book of Creation speaks about the seven skies, each of which has seven moons, and the seventh sky has pure souls. And it also mentions “screens.” I would like to know more about this. What do the skies, the moons, and the screens actually mean?

My Answer: All of this refers only to the Sefirot, Parzufim, Olamot, Masachim, Reshimot, and other parts of the desire, which gradually become similar to the Creator. It’s because nothing exists except the Creator and the desire He created. The seven skies are the seven Sefirot of ZON. The seven moons are the Malchut in each Sefira. And so on. See the Ari‘s work.

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The Crisis Is One Way To Make Us Accept Nature’s Program And The Method Of Correction

you-cant-teach-anyone-through-force2A question I received: If Nature’s goal is to bring man to the recognition of the general governance, then what’s the purpose of the crisis, which is leading us to the opposite state – a complete lack of control and a loss of power over all the social systems and each person’s personal life? How will this bring us closer to recognizing the general governance, if everything that’s happening is just the opposite?

My Answer: How could it happen otherwise? People are losing control over their finances, over the power of their armies and troops, and over absolutely everything. Parents have lost control over their children and teachers – over their students. People have lost control over their families and even their instincts. Just look at what’s happening in the world! We have distorted everything: we are suffering from mental disorders, we have drifted away from the natural kind of sex, we have developed an addiction to drugs, people are taking their own lives, and so on. Look at what’s going on in the world! So what is all this about?

It is Nature’s way of showing us that the world is losing control of itself. Even if we wish to establish relationships with each other because we see that we can accomplish something positive through this, we will find that we are incapable of doing it. Everyone will stand their own ground and no one will look for a connection with others. Even when we are told, “But you will die by acting this way!” we still find ourselves completely helpless and can only reply, “But we cannot act otherwise!” Every person will feel how weak he is in respect to his own nature. In other words, this is necessary in order for us to reveal the evil inside us.

People will have to reveal the science of Kabbalah – Nature’s program and the method of correction. It will either be forced on us by Nature through the path of immense and unfathomable suffering, or we can accept it from Kabbalists who are now revealing it to the world.
(From the lesson on Baal HaSulam’s article, “One Precept,” on 03.10.2009)