All Of Evolution Is Aimed At Making Us Attain The Upper Level Of Consciousness

matterWe simply fulfill Nature’s orders, and Nature’s goal is to bring us to the Upper Level of development. Nature works according to a program that’s meant to bring its highest level, the human, to the highest level of development.

The human, who is a piece of protein matter, is the final level of the still, vegetative and animate levels of development. This means that this “animal” must attain the understanding and feeling of who he is, what he is, why he exists and where he came from. All our evolution is aimed at this.

This is why, throughout all human history, starting with the Big Bang and until the end of this world, we unconsciously aspire to attain the true perception of reality, the true understanding and knowledge in order to grasp all of Nature and Its program.

In every moment in our lives, all our development is devoted to this goal. I may be eating, drinking, working, communicating with somebody, or doing something – whatever I do, consciously or unconsciously, all the processes in my body, its entire material, all its electrons, molecules, particles, and organs, all of its levels – still, vegetative and animate – everything is aimed, lives and exists only for this one goal: to attain that Upper Level of consciousness. Therefore, all of evolution and the entire path of our natural development are set in order to make man attain the highest level of Nature’s development.

Attainment means that a person realizes everything in Nature, adheres to Its program and begins to execute it himself, recognizing that his destiny is to become the same as the Force that fulfills, absorbs and incorporates all of Nature.

This is why the crisis we are now experiencing is global. It comes to us from that Upper State which we need to reach, and which is revealing the opposite side of that state to us. The crisis lets us see the shattering of the correct, future state, showing us what great perfection we can reach if we correct this global crisis.
(From the lesson on Baal HaSulam’s article, “One Precept,” on 03.10.2009)

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