The Creator Equals Nature

lightA question I received: You talk about the Creator as if He is Nature, executing Its laws silently and relentlessly. Nature is Elokim, the forces or angels governing our world. However, the Creator is something much higher; He has personality and a will. He is the one with whom we are trying to gain equivalence of form. Man was created in the Creator’s image and likeness. Isn’t this so?

My Answer: I do not want to go into disputes because words will only obscure the meaning. Instead, I would like you to read what Baal HaSulam wrote in the article, “The Peace”:

It is best for us to meet halfway and accept the words of the Kabbalists, that nature (Teva) has the same numerical value (in Hebrew) as the word God (Elokim) – eighty six. Then I’ll be able to call the laws of God the commandments of nature and vice-versa, for they are one and the same, and we need discuss it no further.

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Overcoming Obstacles In Your Life With The Right Intention Brings You Closer To The Creator

How Can Singularity Be Transformed Without Changing?Questions I received on overcoming  obstacles along the path:

Question: You have said, “All obstacles which one receives and will receive should intensify, and one must not eliminate but overcome them.” What does this mean?

My Answer: All the obstacles in life are given to us like problems we receive in school. By solving them with the intention of attaining the qualities of the Creator, we come closer to Him. If we knew this and perceived life in this way, we would see our lives as a unique opportunity and would get out of the cage of this world and into the World of Infinity.

Question cont’d: Afterward you said, “One should take the impressions one receives, the Reshimot, and multiply them with the help of obstacles. By doing so one will reach Mount Sinai and ascend higher and higher.” Please explain: how can I multiply the Reshimot and the obstacles?

My Answer: The more one ascends through one’s correction, the more obstacles one encounters. See item 133 of “Introduction to Talmud Eser Sefirot”:

It is rather like a king who wished to select for himself the most loyal of his subjects in the state and bring them in to work inside his palace. What did he do? He issued an open proclamation in the state that anyone who wished it, young or old, would come to his palace to engage in the works of his inner palace.

However, he appointed many of his servants to guard the palace gate and all the roads that lead to it. He ordered them to cunningly mislead all those nearing his palace and divert them from the way that leads to the palace.

Naturally, all the people in the state began to run to the king’s palace. Yet, the diligent guards cunningly rejected them. Many of them overpowered them and came near the palace gate, but the guards at the gate were most diligent. Even when someone approached the gate, they diverted him and turned him away with great craftiness, until one despaired and returned as he had come.

So they came and went, and regained strength and came again and so on and so forth for several days and years, until they grew weary of trying any further. Yet, only the heroes amongst them whose patience endured and they defeated the guards and opened the gate, were instantly awarded seeing the King’s countenance, and He put each person in his right position.

Of course, from that moment on, they had no further dealings with those guards who diverted and mislead them and made their life bitter for several days and years, running back and forth around the gate. This is because they have been blessed with working and serving before the glory of the king’s face inside His palace.

Question: Throughout the day, I experience about two ascents and two descents, sometimes three. I ascend by developing my intention and reading the original sources. How will this happen later, down the road? As I understand, the time between the descents will get shorter and shorter. Is this true? And ideally, should these states be changing every minute?

My Answer: No, much more often!

Question: You said that Reshimot surface in us at every second. Does this happen while we sleep too?

My Answer: Yes.

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Like Kabbalah, De Chardin’s Philosophy Speaks About Humanity’s Desire To Reunite Into One Soul

Questions on Surrounding LightPierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955, a French theologist and philosopher, one of the developers of the Noosphere theory): His theory is founded on the ideas of Plotinus (205-270) about the emanation of the One (an incognizable Primary Essence, characterized as Goodness) into the Mind and the universal Soul, with the consequent transformation again into the One. According to Plotinus, first the One exudes the universal Mind, which consists of a world of ideas, then the Mind produces a universal Soul, which splits into separate souls and creates a sensitive world. Matter emerges as the lowest degree of the emanation. When the creatures of the sensitive world reach a certain degree of development, they recognize their own incompleteness and strive for a union. Subsequently, they attain adhesion with the One.

According to de Chardin, man strives to enter the sphere of the Mind and to dissolve in God. Evolution did not end with the human being as an individual, but rather proceeds as humanity unites into societies with a growing differentiation of individual functions and as a result, a growing degree of interconnection.

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