Like Kabbalah, De Chardin’s Philosophy Speaks About Humanity’s Desire To Reunite Into One Soul

Questions on Surrounding LightPierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955, a French theologist and philosopher, one of the developers of the Noosphere theory): His theory is founded on the ideas of Plotinus (205-270) about the emanation of the One (an incognizable Primary Essence, characterized as Goodness) into the Mind and the universal Soul, with the consequent transformation again into the One. According to Plotinus, first the One exudes the universal Mind, which consists of a world of ideas, then the Mind produces a universal Soul, which splits into separate souls and creates a sensitive world. Matter emerges as the lowest degree of the emanation. When the creatures of the sensitive world reach a certain degree of development, they recognize their own incompleteness and strive for a union. Subsequently, they attain adhesion with the One.

According to de Chardin, man strives to enter the sphere of the Mind and to dissolve in God. Evolution did not end with the human being as an individual, but rather proceeds as humanity unites into societies with a growing differentiation of individual functions and as a result, a growing degree of interconnection.

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  1. “According to de Chardin, man strives to enter the sphere of the Mind and to dissolve in God.” Sir, I believe your interpretation of de Chardin is correct. Speaking only for myself, obviously, I believe in God, but have no desire to dissolve into Him. I didn’t used to be able to understand de Chardin. Now I am better able to comprehend his writings…and I think they are absurd.

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