The Crisis Is One Way To Make Us Accept Nature’s Program And The Method Of Correction

you-cant-teach-anyone-through-force2A question I received: If Nature’s goal is to bring man to the recognition of the general governance, then what’s the purpose of the crisis, which is leading us to the opposite state – a complete lack of control and a loss of power over all the social systems and each person’s personal life? How will this bring us closer to recognizing the general governance, if everything that’s happening is just the opposite?

My Answer: How could it happen otherwise? People are losing control over their finances, over the power of their armies and troops, and over absolutely everything. Parents have lost control over their children and teachers – over their students. People have lost control over their families and even their instincts. Just look at what’s happening in the world! We have distorted everything: we are suffering from mental disorders, we have drifted away from the natural kind of sex, we have developed an addiction to drugs, people are taking their own lives, and so on. Look at what’s going on in the world! So what is all this about?

It is Nature’s way of showing us that the world is losing control of itself. Even if we wish to establish relationships with each other because we see that we can accomplish something positive through this, we will find that we are incapable of doing it. Everyone will stand their own ground and no one will look for a connection with others. Even when we are told, “But you will die by acting this way!” we still find ourselves completely helpless and can only reply, “But we cannot act otherwise!” Every person will feel how weak he is in respect to his own nature. In other words, this is necessary in order for us to reveal the evil inside us.

People will have to reveal the science of Kabbalah – Nature’s program and the method of correction. It will either be forced on us by Nature through the path of immense and unfathomable suffering, or we can accept it from Kabbalists who are now revealing it to the world.
(From the lesson on Baal HaSulam’s article, “One Precept,” on 03.10.2009)

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