When To Use The Professional Part Of Your Brain, And When – The Spiritual One

First Become a Scientist, and Then You Can Speak Against ScienceTwo questions I received on combining professional work with Kabbalah:

Question: I grew up in an intellectual environment that considers having a university education a top priority, yet now I cannot think about anything except my daily Kabbalah studies. What should I do? Previously I was very interested in getting a higher education, but when I found Kabbalah, I lost all interest in my prior plans. I would like to know what is the right thing to do in this case.

My Answer: Every person has to learn a practical trade! And after that, one should devote the rest of one’s time and efforts to spiritual development.

Question: I am finding it more and more difficult to concentrate on my professional work. I have a wife and a child, and I understand that I also exist in this world and must provide for my family, but my desire for these things is gone. What is your advice?

My Answer: Divide your day into two parts and focus on each part using the appropriate part of the brain: put the professional part of your brain to work when it comes to earning money, and then put the spiritual part of your brain to work when you study Kabbalah or work on dissemination.

It is like there are two different people living inside you at different times, and you shouldn’t combine the two. Later, they will start working together at the same time, and you will discover that the whole world and everything taking place is one integral revelation of the Upper Force!

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  1. This is great advice. It is very hard to separate the many aspects of our daily lives, especially when we are new to study.

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