The Failure Of Obama’s Stimulus Plan Is Another Reminder That We Are All In One Boat

is-the-bermuda-triangle-myth-or-realityIn the News (from The Guardian):How to fail to recover the economy” Short-sighted responses by politicians – who hope to get by with a deal that is small enough to please taxpayers and large enough to please the banks – will only prolong the problem. The well of money may be running dry, and so, too, may be America’s legendary optimism and hope.

My Comment: Obama’s stimulus plan isn’t working, and it cannot work according to the laws of Nature! This was already clear the day it was approved. None of the politicians or economists understand what kind of world we are now living in.

But instead of blaming them, we should blame ourselves for our inability to make them hear our voices. I invite everyone to tirelessly keep knocking on their doors and writing to them about the cause of the crisis and its solution, because the fact is – we are all in one boat!

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