First Be A Good Wife And Mother, And Then Study Kabbalah

what-does-a-man-look-for-in-a-womanThree questions I received from women about Kabbalah and relationships:

Question: I started studying Kabbalah online in January, but my husband does not show any interest in starting anytime soon. I understand that every person has to start studying Kabbalah when the time is right for them, and I do have an easy relationship with my husband, for he respects what interests me and I respect him likewise.

Still, I do wish to be with a man whose spiritual desires are compatible with mine. What is the best thing for me to do? Wait for him to get curious and interested in Kabbalah through example? Or even if this doesn’t ever happen, should I just be content with what I have?

My Answer: First and foremost, you have to be a good wife and mother. After that, in your free time, you can study Kabbalah.

Question: I am a woman who is quite new to Kabbalah and I have a question about how I should study Kabbalah together with my boyfriend who was the first of us to discover Kabbalah. I wish for us to have a meaningful relationship with spiritual growth. Can we talk about our experiences in Kabbalah together, or will that be harmful to our spiritual progress? And how can I help him correct his ego? I’ve read your articles about women and Kabbalah, and some about relationships.

My Answer: You can study together. I recommend reading articles on mutual work.

Question: I read that a woman advances together with her husband. But what if I don’t have a husband? What should a single woman over 45 do to meet a Kabbalist? Maybe there is a dating service?

My Answer: Check out our dating site.

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  1. I would encourage more students to check out the dating site. I have heard people say “you do not have to date or marry someone who studies” but if you are serious about study and not currently married or dating I don’t see the point.
    Even if the person you meet is not against your studies that is one more aspect of life that takes time away from study. I think anytime we can get to know other students whether it is dissemination projects, social network sites such as Facebook or MySpace or dating if makes our bond stronger to know each other on a more personal level.
    Besides that if you ever have a man read Shamati 1 to you it will be hard to turn back!

  2. I have a difficult relationship with My German husband. After married him, I started to know that he has serious financial problems and therefore, he doesn’t support my life and even cheated my money. He had married 2 times before, the first marriage was 3 years long; the second marriage was 9 years long with 4 children being born. Before married, he was very nice to me. After married, he said that he was not responsible for my happiness and everything changes. I was suffering for this marriage not long after i married him. and thus i found the Kabbalah and have started to study Kabbalah since Jan.. I had asked my husband to learn Kabbalah with me 15 minutes everyday but only one day then he refused to do it because he has no interests.
    I cannot feel love from my husband and most of time what i can sense was that he is just using me. Though we live together, we are like housemates. Shall I divorce him and find my real partner of life ?
    or Shall I just live like now and keep hope for that one day he may be awaken and then we could be a real couple

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