For The First Time In History, We Have The Conditions To Realize Our Freedom Of Will

freedomA question I received: If there is none else besides Him, and we are all controlled like robots, how can we criticize anything in this world, the way you do? How can you say people should be doing this instead of that, if all is done by the Creator?

My Answer: A developmental force – the Light – descends from the Creator and continuously awakens new Reshimot – egoistic desires in a person. If a person doesn’t correct them, they “pile up,” bringing the person and the society to a crisis.

The only free act available to a person is to correct the Reshimot with the help of the right environment. A person is a robot in every other respect. Kabbalah teaches us how to make the only possible free action, which is why Kabbalah is being revealed now, when human society is becoming global and interdependent. Now each person depends on everyone, and everyone depends on each person. Under these conditions, it is now possible to realize our freedom of will. In the past, when humanity did not have this opportunity yet, Kabbalah remained hidden, because Kabbalah is the method for man to reveal the Creator through the quality of love for his neighbor.

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