Resorting Back To Village Life Will Not Save Anyone From The Crisis

profitIn the News (translated from A group of about a hundred people have organized a community to overcome the crisis. “We are completely self-sufficient!” the members of the community are proud to say, “We raise our own livestock, bake our own bread, produce our own food, and even our own cookies! We don’t care about the crisis!” The members of the community do not need money. They have their own school and kindergarten. They are completely self-sufficient!

My Comment: They are so infantile! Even though it seems obvious to everyone that it’s easier to survive the crisis by being closer to Nature, this tendency actually goes against Nature, which has brought us to globalization. We do not see Nature’s force that develops us, so we relate to it as to the still, vegetative and animate levels of the environment, while denying that it is purposeful and is leading us toward a certain goal.

The tendency to be protectionist and to isolate from society is anti-social and anti-global, and it weakens society’s connections, whether it is happening inside a specific country or in the world. Because this is opposite to the law of Nature’s development, it will not succeed!

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  1. But what if being near society ment putting ones family in harms way, because people were hungry, politically unsettled ect?

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