How Can We Make Up For The Upbringing We Didn’t Receive?

flyA question I received: I watched your discussion with Anatoly Ulyanov about raising children. The upbringing I received lacked everything you said should have been done, from Kabbalah’s viewpoint. So I did not receive the necessary education. And it so happens that I have an unconventional sexual orientation, which worries me. How can I make up for what I didn’t receive through my upbringing?

My Answer: Only the Upper Light, which descends upon a person during the study of Kabbalah, can correct him to the degree he desires to understand himself and reveal the hidden world that surrounds him. He will then feel the whole scope of the world through his new qualities, and this will correct him. Besides this influence, there is no other means of correction in our world. See item 155 of the “Introduction to Talmud Eser Sefirot.”

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