We Are At The Critical Point Of Our Development

criticalEvolution has never ceased, and today we have reached the critical transition point where the world is shifting from egoistic to altruistic. Kabbalah explains that life on earth, on all the levels, goes through the same process of development. Thus, studies of bacteria have shown that at some point in their evolution, bacteria were forced by circumstances to shift from hostile and competitive behavior to  peaceful interaction. This resulted in the creation of new, multi-celled organisms, which later developed into complex organisms, including humans.

A similar process occurs on all other levels of nature, from inanimate to human. We too will have to transform from being rival and hostile groups, nations, religions, and civilizations, into a global family. Indeed, we are driven by inner data (Reshimot – the spiritual genes of our development) that’s the same as our biological data, revealed to us externally.

The evolutionary process is explained by Kabbalah this way: The “thickness” of egoism (Reshimot of Aviut) constantly increases, causing the process of evolution to take place. Egoism grows along these levels:

  • 0-1 inanimate
  • 2 vegetative
  • 3 animate
  • 4 human

When egoism reaches the last, human level of its development, a special quality becomes revealed in it: a connection to the Upper Source – the highest degree, the Creator, or Nature. But this final, fourth degree also develops gradually, going through its own, inner stages (also the stages 0-1-2-3-4).  At egoism’s final, fourth stage, man finally reveals its global nature. Hence, on this level of man’s development, he has to begin connecting to his Source – the Creator. Humanity has to become one, like the Creator.

On the surface, a person appears as nothing more than a biological system. But when this system reaches a certain degree of its development – the fourth stage of egoism, it prompts a “system crash” – an upgrade in the system’s organization and operation, taking it to the next, global level. This is what we are witnessing today in our society.

In other words, the next level of our development, the “spiritual” level which demands our equality with the Creator, is beginning to be revealed in us. For now, we are only starting to define it, to see that it is global and integral. However, to the extent we become more acquainted with this new form of egoism in us, we will begin to feel the need for its fulfillment – the Creator.

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