The Creator Is Happy When We’re Happy

otrkrovennyi_smech_100Questions I received about man’s relationship with the Creator:

Question: If the Creator created the universe, how can man become equal to Him? Isn’t this a delusion of grandeur?

My Answer: The Creator created Evil from Goodness, and man corrects Evil to make it Goodness. He does this by means of his desire, with help from the Creator.

Question: In Kabbalah, what does it mean to worship the Creator?

My Answer: It means to respect the quality of bestowal and love for all.

Question: Do we owe anything to the Creator because of the fact that He created us?

My Answer: No.

Question: Does the Creator experience enjoyment when we are happy?

My Answer: Yes.

Question: Does trying to make someone happy out of our love for the Creator bring us closer to the goal?

My Answer: Yes, much closer!

Question: I keep reading that the Creator has no desire to “receive,” yet I always hear statements like “to please the Creator,” “to give contentment to the Creator,” “for the sake of the Creator,” “the Creator gets pleasure from seeing his creatures enjoy,” and so on. How does He get pleasure without receiving? Can you please clear this up?

My Answer: The sole quality of the Creator is bestowal. Therefore, the Creator enjoys giving. But when the creatures do not receive from Him, He suffers.

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