Why Is Kabbalah The Only Remedy For Suffering?


Questions I received on suffering:

Question: If Kabbalah is the only remedy that reveals the cause of man’s suffering and provides the method of correction, then why did Kabbalists conceal it for so long?

My Answer: They waited for our egoism to mature.

Question: Is it really true that only Kabbalah can remedy us from depression?

My Answer: This is true in cases where depression is not a medical condition, but comes from a lack of meaning in life.

Question: We feel pain and suffering in order to be corrected. What about animals? Don’t they suffer too?

My Answer: Everyone suffers as a part of the common created desire. However, correction is possible only in the part of the desire called “man,” because this part has consciousness – the sense of one’s neighbor (the environment, the group, the Creator).

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