The Best Way To Help The World Is To Explain The Method Of Correction To Everyone

laitman_2009-03_8183Questions I received from women:

Question: If 2009 depends on us and our correction of our egoistic nature, how can we contribute to this process most effectively?

My Answer: By explaining it to everyone else.

Question: Why does a person lose faith?

My Answer: In order to obtain knowledge.

Question: What can be done in order not to lose faith?

My Answer: Obtain knowledge.

Question: Is it true that Kabbalah does not treat energy healing seriously, or does it simply prefer not to talk about this in order to avoid confusion?

My Answer: Everything that helps is beneficial.

Question: If we don’t reach correction, we return to this world. Does the same happen to vicious and evil people?

My Answer: Yes, and we are just like them.

Question: I am from Chile and I am 11 years old. I watch the children that study with you on Fridays with admiration. I wish there could be a day devoted to us, children in my country. You teach us how to grow and have a better future. What should I do so I won’t lose this desire in my heart?

My Answer: Continue to be together with us, and the rest will come!

Question: As a woman, what should I do for men in my city and country to unite into a group?

My Answer: You should disseminate the knowledge of “how to live a better life.”

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