The Creator, The Creature, And The End Of The World

state1A question I received: The Creator created us and placed us in a vessel. In this physical world, He is not apparent. And when changes are made, it is His manipulation.

My Answer: That’s right.

Question cont’d: What the Bible teaches of the end of the world is that the Creator will destroy everyone in fire and brimstone.

My Answer: Correct.

Question cont’d: But that is an ultimate breach of everything He’s done so far.

My Answer: That’s also correct. The fire represents man’s revelation of his own ego and the desire to become free from it.

Question cont’d: He has designed these vessels with such egoism as to multiply, desire, take, destroy, and every other bad action.

My Answer: Yes.

Question cont’d: What if these bad things are happening as He planned?

My Answer: They are.

Question cont’d: What if He knew that, in their unquenchable lust for more, people would destroy themselves and the entire world?

My Answer: On the contrary, suffering is bound to correct us.

Question cont’d: He doesn’t have to destroy the world.

My Answer: This is why the final goal is our similarity to the Creator.

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