What Is Success?

hopeA question I received: What is success? No longer do we have the financial underpinnings to have the next generation make more money than their parents. No longer can the future generation use the world’s resources the way we did. It is time to take stock and create new bottom lines. Is success having wealth, or is it a feeling of being wealthy?

Wealth is having a good relationship. Wealth is living in harmony with life. Wealth is feeling right about one’s life and walking in dignity. How do we educate our children and our children’s children to know that we are truly a global society and must share and care for each other, and that this is the ultimate successful life?

Universal Success is our success to live in accordance with the Laws of Nature. For humanity, this is the law of need and giving according to your ability, where the goal is freedom and the means is altruism.

My Answer: Everything that you have said is right.

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